How to raise your vibrational frequency

How to raise your vibrational frequency

This is a very important piece in overall human-spiritual being understanding. We have all heard the terms “state of being” and “higher” vs “lower” vibrations, and even have aspired to “raise our vibration”, but what does that really mean? For most of us it’s a very esoteric concept which makes it hard to actually apply to your daily life.

It’s my hope in this article, we demystify the subject and give you a solid grasp on:

  1. What is your “State of Being”,
  2. Visually understanding your vibration,
  3. What does it mean to “raise” your vibrational frequency,
  4. How can you raise or even lower your vibration,
  5. And how does your “aura” relate to all of this?

State of Being

Let’s break down the words a little. “State” (or status) is obvious definition, but what about “Being”? Being is the entirety of YOU. Not just the YOU that you are aware of, but also the YOU that you have yet to discover. For most of us, we have yet to become aware of the entirety of ourselves, but the lack of awareness does not exclude it from our Being. Now, how do you define a particular “State” of such a complex multifaceted “Being”? Well, vibrationally of course!

Vibration, Frequency, & Oscillation oh my!

Many people use the terms Vibration and Frequency interchangeably or as one describing the other. For most purposes that’s completely fine. But for our discovery here, we’re going to dig a little deeper, see if you can follow me here, I’m going to put down some terms from the perspective of us humans as vibrational energy beings.

VIBRATION is the movement of your atoms (energy) from their median place. There’s a lot about you that’s vibrating. And no I don’t mean that, get your head out of the gutter. πŸ˜‚ All of your vibrating parts, both physical and etheric, summed can be considered your overall vibration.

FREQUENCY is a measure of how many times you vibrate within a specific amount of time. In science this is typically measured in Hertz (hz), which is a measurement of vibration within 1 second.

OSCILLATION is how you swing between two opposite points from a fixed median. Imagine a pendulum, it swings from one extreme to another, this is called an oscillation.

Keep these in mind as we go through this article, all three distinct definitions are necessary to fully comprehend this construct.

We all have a vibration, which determines our frequency, but we also all oscillate within a field of frequencies. I refer to our “frequency” as our “median frequency”. Since we do have a range that we oscillate within, our median frequency combined with our archetype (read about The 3 Archetypes) determines our oscillation range (field). I call this our Human Frequency Oscillation Field. This visual should clarify everything for you:

SO… we said we can measure your State of Being vibrationally. That is to say your State of Being is your Vibrational Frequency! Yes, as complex as you think you are, you just boil down to a simple number. πŸ˜‚ 🀣😁 God cracks me up sometimes!

β€œIf you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Even modern science has come to the same conclusion as our mystics throughout the ages: all matter is energy. Energy (atoms protons neutrons electrons) bonds together to form matter. The bonds themselves produce vibration and exhibit wave-like characteristics. Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is a fascinating look at how science is edging slowly toward mystical truths.

What does it mean to raise your frequency?

Well aside from the obvious and useless knowledge that you are increasing your ‘number’, how do we know what it really means to vibrate at higher frequencies? Honestly the truth is found looking inward. We have a very natural sense of things that are “higher vibrational” vs “lower vibrational” frequencies. When I ask you if cancer is higher frequency or lower, what’s your answer? Is love high or low? What’s fear, hate, jealousy, envy? God shared this wisdom with us through mystics who wrote it in books that are preserved with some degree of accuracy still today.

What if “sin” simply describes the path toward lower vibrational being and therefore provides us confused humans a path toward higher vibrational states, merely by living opposite to that which is defined as “sinful”? Many ancient texts describe how we ‘should’ live, then some humans along the way twist it into control paradigms and shame. But what if the original information channeled was merely a guide toward higher frequencies?

All stimulus (reality) can only be processed within your Oscillation Field. So let’s say at your current frequency, your significant other says that ONE thing that really pisses you off, well that lower vibration reaction is near your base frequency of your oscillation field. Now let’s say you raise your median frequency over time with intent effort, that same person can say that same thing, and it triggers you, but now your response is a snarky quip and a grin. The fact that your response to that stimulus was at a higher frequency will result in an overall change of that experience in your life cycles. The person may not ever say that thing again as it didn’t elicit the reaction desired. This is how we evolve our life experience.

How do you raise your frequency?

There are clearly things we can do that lower our vibration, and quite clearly things we can do that raise our vibration. But I also wouldn’t want to get stuck on “what we do.” For example, you can serve food to the homeless, but if your true purpose is to ‘look good’ or gain school credit, you likely didn’t raise your frequency much if at all. We can go on and on about all the do-gooder things mystics have told us about for ages, but let me make it simple:

To raise your vibration you must share God’s source energy, Unconditional Love.

All things “good” are an extension of that. You might share compassion, you might share sympathy, these are variably lower forms of Unconditional Love, but will still have an effect on raising your vibration if your median frequency is lower than sympathy for example. In this way, we can “step it up” slowly. It may be hard, if you are particularly low frequency, to activate and open your channel for Source energy to flow through you. The lower frequency you are, the more you will feel “cut off” from Source. Note that I say the more you will FEEL – you are never actually cut off, but you can certainly have the experience that you are.

Learning to manage your thoughts and control what you give your attention to is essential for consistently raising your vibration. If you give your attention to low frequency thoughts, experiences, judgements, feelings, etc, then you are headed downward in your own median frequency. Read the article “What Are Thoughts” to learn more about how to take control of these pesky buggers.

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Meditation, of course, is key to raising one’s frequency beyond a certain common base frequency in our society. Finding your inner connection to Source allows you to channel Unconditional Love to your self and to others. Helping your Ego integrate with your Spirit Being is key to even higher tiers of frequency.

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Reading books and articles like these help your Human-self / Ego understand higher-frequency concepts. Ego needs some construct of understanding in order to interact with anything; it’s just its nature. Be mindful not to get too attached to any constructs, as all these things are just signs pointing toward a truth that cannot be put into words. Use constructs when they resonate and feel right, but feel free to discard old constructs that you have outgrown. This flexibility is VITAL to raising one’s vibration. If you are confused on what is a construct… this whole article is a construct, every spiritual book you’ve ever read are constructs, various holy books in the world are constructs… they are meant to be tools used for particular frequencies, not as absolute truth to war about.

How do archetypes change our oscillation?

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Now everyone has experienced highs and lows. This is because you operate in a range of frequencies, the Oscillation Field. Your median frequency, or State of Being, combined with your archetype, determines how high or low you go. An Amplifier archetype has a very large field (aka bandwidth), the Channeler has medium range, while the Transmuter has the smallest range. This is why Transmuters are the least likely to fall to depression so long as their median frequency is up high enough, they just don’t dip so low. Even when they do have ‘clinical’ personality disorders, they are the most mild of all other disorders! (see bottom of archetype article for very interesting chart of personality disorders)

This is great to comprehend, because as you raise your frequency, you are raising your MEDIAN! You have a limit of how far you can go higher and lower than your median frequency. Let’s say depression is only possible at 0.5Ghz. Then let’s say that your bandwidth (field range) as a Channeler is a total of 1Ghz. That means that as soon as your median frequency (State of Being) is at just 1.5Ghz, you will not experience depression! Because with a total band of 1Ghz, you can only go down 0.5Ghz and up 0.5Ghz!! Maybe at 1.0Ghz, at your lowest, you experience cozy melancholy where you shutter up the windows and turn on a movie marathon πŸ˜†

As you raise or lower your median frequency, you raise and lower what you experience in your “highs” and “lows”. This is vitally important for Amplifiers, who are the most prone to depressive states due to the very large bandwidth they have. Amplifiers must make a primary focus of their life the maintenance of their median frequency to avoid the pitfall of dipping too low, which can cause the median to drop due to actions taken while in low states. The large bandwidth however is also their greatest asset, in being able to push energies way higher than other archetypes with smaller bands.


Some time ago I had the realization of how OHM relates to these concepts. OHM, as in that funny sound monks chant in their temples and in Enya music πŸ˜‚, is relative to the human vibrational frequency of pure peace. If you meditate with OHM you are intently aligning yourself to that vibrational space. When OHM is your State of Being / median, no matter which archetype you are, you cannot dip down to and below the vibration of depression. As an Amplifier you’ll get pretty close to it, but you’ll recognize how you don’t “fall” into it anymore.


Now, I honestly have no idea if “AHM” is a thing out there in the world, I did a quick google search on it while writing this and nothing came up. It was shown to me that “AHM” is a considerbly higher vibrational target than OHM. AHM is the realm of joy and ecstasy. AHM is what an amplifier would experience in their highs while their median is at OHM. Pretty cool right? If you want to meditate while chanting AHM, the sound is about an octave higher than your OHM and sounds like it is spelled… Aaahhhhhhhmmmmm.

If you know of this being a real chant in some spiritual or religious practice somewhere in the world, please comment to let me know! I’d be curious if what I’ve been shown lines up with any real world practices.

How the aura fits into this

We’ve all heard of people that can perceive auras, or perhaps you yourself have seen them too, or even that Kirlian Photography tech that is reputed to photograph auras, or even just the ability for science to measure a person’s electromagnetic field. The concept of auras is nothing new, and what do we often see or hear described? Multicolor auras, usually with one particular color being dominant.

The frequency of visible light is referred to as color. Which is to say, if you see red light, it has a very specific frequency. 4.28 x 10^14hz to be exact. Understanding that we’re not visually seeing this ‘aura’ light, we can understand that quite naturally it must be a very different frequency, but a frequency none the less. So what if what is being perceived is the actual State of Being and activated aspects of its range? What if you could sum the peak and valley the colors and divide by 2 to get the median? A calculable State of Being? 😳

In any case, I’m just stating that the perceived Aura is the “visual” representation of a person’s current State of Being. All the same stuff. An aura may indicate an area of dis-ease, which is to say, an area of particularly lower vibration. I don’t know, ask an intuitive aura reader to see if this lines up, I bet it does ☺️ comment below!

In conclusion

Understanding more precisely how you function as a vibrational being can give you something much more tangible to use in your daily efforts of raising your vibration. Understanding that just because you have dipped down low, it doesn’t mean that you’ve “fallen off yer horse”, it may just mean that this is your current low for your current median, and that if you just let it ride as it is, soon you will be back at your median and perhaps on upwards again. Maybe now you don’t have to get so caught up about your lows in understanding they are all a part of your own oscillation, and that when you raise your median you raise how low you can go, there’s hope on the horizon!

What do you think about this construct of understanding? Any questions on how it works? Have these new definitions helped you in any way? Let me know below! πŸ™Œ

(important amendment to article)

Your Median Frequency and how it changes

I was speaking with someone after this article when they asked me a clarifying question. They wondered if they hit their low oscillation, whats to prevent their median from dropping at the same time causing them to slip right back into depression?

Your State of Being / median frequency is not so frivolously changed. This is both to our dismay but also to our blessing. It’s kinda like the concept of manifestation. You don’t think of huge purple polka dotted elephants then suddenly have one sitting on your face. 😲 The time/energy/attention calculation is applied instead. That means the more time you spend giving your attention multiplied by your clarity and total self-awareness the faster it draws the manifestation to you. There is no stating how far away it started though either πŸ˜‰ so that leaves us Ego beings confused a lot. In any case, changing your median frequency is the same calculation:

(Time + Attention) * (Clarity/Intensity * Self-Awareness %) = State of Being change

That means that as you put consistent effort toward the raising of your vibration, having a little spat in your lower oscillation is not damning you, its ok, breathe, relax, let it be! ☺️ Just stay intent, ensure clarity, and keep on and you’ll step up your median bit by bit and be well on your way! There is a certain momentum that can build too which adds to the equation when there is consistent Time+Attention given to the same intention.


Author: Darryl

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