The 3 Archetypes of Human-Spirit Beings

The 3 Archetypes of Human-Spirit Beings

When I originally started this blog (so many years ago), it was actually to write about the 3 archetypes. For some reason, I only managed to squeak out an awkward piece summarizing the three. It’s still available if you dig back far enough, but is unnecessary because I have been called to refocus my efforts on writing about it again, and I’ll start from scratch.

I have found that all humans fit within these 3 archetypes:

  1. Channeler
  2. Amplifier
  3. Transmuter

We are all a mixture of these three, but frequently we’ll find that we are more one than another. I consider these our natural gifts and believe they should be treated as such once understood.

All 3 of these archetypes produce different experiences based on how well balanced and grounded the person is, and how much they understand and embrace their archetype disposition.

An imbalanced individual will experience their archetype as a curse wreaking havoc on their life, they’ll struggle to understand why things keep happening “that way” and will perpetuate very specific experiences in endlessly repeating cycles.

Learning about your archetype disposition can help you to hone your skills and use them to their highest advantage. I call this the Pinnacle Archetype, where you are operating in harmony with your gift, and from this space, you’ll know your gift as a pure blessing.

Some people are a near perfect balance of all 3 archetypes, while others excel in one area, while yet others have two medium and one very low. We all have at least some of each, but we just come in different mixtures, and for good reason. Don’t mistake a perfect balance as the desired outcome! Each mixture has purpose and is a gift of its own.

Also, understand that these are your born dispositions. Similar in concept to your astrological signs, in fact, often does relate to them. Your archetypes, like your astrological signs, can be transcended, but it’s not necessarily “the” goal.

So we will break down each archetype and review:

  1. What are the general traits
  2. What are the imbalanced traits
  3. What are the pinnacle traits
  4. How to hone your gift and reach pinnacle state of being
  5. How the archetype relates to the others

The Channeler

General Traits

These individuals are more readily connected to their higher selves and have a more clear pathway between their minds and universal knowledge. They are more able to bring in new ideas, new arts, new sciences, new discoveries, new realizations.

Imbalanced Traits

The imbalanced Channeler can feel very disconnected from reality and everyone around them. They can be those people that just “have their head in the clouds” and seem a little bonkers. Loopy Lou-loo talkin some crazy smack! Or the introverted artist blasting paintings out every day, but completely making a mess of every other area of their life. Or the awkward eccentric scientific genius (Tesla) that nobody else understands, that people feel awkward around, and so failed at bringing their most amazing creations to the world.

As you can see, even while imbalanced, they still have great contributions to make! I struggled a bit with naming the right word here. Imbalanced… unhealthy… underdeveloped… none of the options quite nail the essence of what is true. I supposed imbalanced is about as close as I can get in English, as it has a lesser negative connotation than the others. I can be imbalanced whilst I stand and it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

It’s important to understand this and to not demonize the imbalanced archetypes. It’s really just another way to experience the archetype! But we say imbalanced vs pinnacle because, as egos, we often will say we want a “better” experience than we are having – and the pinnacle is that “better” experience.

An imbalanced Channeler can suffer from detachment, derangement and loneliness; a feeling like nobody ever understands, you are truly all alone. This can further fuel the desire to leave this realm. In worse cases, they can be the ones diagnosed as schizophrenic and other personality disorders of the eccentric flavor. Do not put belief into any “diagnosis” as anything more than just a poor misunderstanding of your archetype.

Pinnacle Traits

The channeler that has remained grounded retains a strong awareness and connection to this reality we all share. This allows the cosmic “downloads” to translate into context that applies to this dimension. The wisdom won’t sound quite as crazy as Loopy Lou-loo, it’ll make a lot more sense to a lot more people. The music will move the hearts of more people, the art may even be famous before you die! 😂

The Pinnacle Channeler’s gift is sharing Universal wisdom through words, art, sound, discovery and science. They are the teachers of our world. The dreamers. The changers. The ones that dare challenge the status quo!

Honing your gift

Grounding is of course a vital component of all 3 archetypes. Without grounding, imbalance, dis-ease, chaos energies all run amok. For the channeler, it is specifically important because you have the tendency to let your awareness drift beyond your body into dimensional spaces that don’t really compute to the 3rd/4th dimensional space we all share. Without grounding to your reality, you can lose touch with whats “real” and whats not. In this context, whats “real” is what fits into our shared dimensional reality. You can’t fly off to la-la land where up is down and black is white then expect everyone here to understand you. With grounding, you are able to visit these other spaces and TRANSLATE the experience to something that is understandable HERE, in this place.

The channeler can have a tendency to want to “leave” this world in favor of others. Grass is always greener comes to mind here. The channeler has to remember that you came HERE for a reason. You WANTED to be HERE. And you have the gifts to bring things from other places HERE. Embrace that. Don’t confuse the gift with wanting to leave here. Accept where you are, accept this world for all that it is, and see the joy of bringing new things here!

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Relations with other archetypes

Channelers work really well with amplifiers. A well grounded channeler can have the tendency to just sit and meditate somewhere and ignore the rest of the world around them. They will have a very OHM state of being and therefore can have a little trouble bringing their wisdom to the world. An amplifier changes the game! Amplifiers love channelers because there’s so much juicy good material to amplify! Channelers love amplifiers because they really amplify the signal of whats coming through and help energize the output into this world reality. You will frequently find amplifiers around channelers in the form of business people “getting the word out”.

Transmuters make the best relationships for Channelers. Channelers enjoy the ease of being with Transmuters. While they do enjoy amplifiers, they need some space from them as well. They can be with Transmuters endlessly and tirelessly. They also sometimes help the Channeler with that ever so important grounding.

The Amplifier

Amplifiers are the chaotic breed! They bounce off everything and can be a crazy fun time for all involved! They are the best at parties, and the ones to avoid after parties haha. Amplifiers literally amplify the energy they are around. And they do it without prejudice. Good energy, bad energy, doesn’t matter, ZOOM there it goes! Their state of being oscillation is a large scope, they can go very high, and drop very low. In fact, as high as they go is as low as they’ll drop. The old saying “what goes up must come down” applies very well to the Amplifier. For this reason, they are often seen chasing the high and higher and higher and higher. They never want to stop going higher, because they know all too well, as soon as they stop going higher, BAM here comes the lower!

Imbalanced Traits

Amplifiers are typically “diagnosed” ADHD and bi-polar. Personality “disorders” or of the dramatic/erratic genre. Again, I will stress, do NOT put your belief into these diagnoses. The medical institution is not very good at understanding the human-spiritual being, so their diagnoses might point toward other truths, but that’s about it. OF COURSE you are “bi-polar” – you are an amplifier! You have great highs and therefore must have great lows! Shove your “bi-polar” pills up your butt doc! 😁 We now know if we can control our highs, we can control our lows!

The imbalanced Amplifiers will struggle a lot with extreme depression. Then they’ll climb out of their hole somehow, and be the light of the town. Then they disappear again as they fall into their hole, and everyone be like “Hey where’s Johnny?! He’s not answering my texts!” 😂 You’ll keep your downswings as private as you can, yer just so “busy” right?

The imbalanced often manifest as highly addictive personalities as well. Amplifiers have a tendency toward addiction merely because they are trying to avoid their lows. Anything that can keep me “high” or knock me out while I’m low, oh yes, give it up! Don’t be so hard on yourself about this, honestly, no one can blame you if they ever knew how those lows really felt! Give yourself a break on this, but stop just short of giving yourself an excuse for it.

Pinnacle Traits

Ooooooohhhhh WOW! A well-grounded Amplifier! A purpose-driven, passionate Amplifier!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH WOW! Man they are amaaaaaazing! These people are inspirational! Motivational! They just feel so good to be around, they really charge up your batteries! Amplifiers gift to the world is their ability to take light, thin thoughtform energy and really blast it into motion with great density! They make things become reality!

You could think of it this way… a Channeler dreamt/planned the skyscraper building… an Amplifier built it… while the Transmuter made all the unexpected pitfalls into beneficial gains keeping everyone on target unto completion.

The Pinnacle Amplifier can control and choose which energies they amplify. They’ll do this by direct conscious choice, or by intuiting when it is time to exit the presence of this or that person or situation. They’ll be able to do so without carrying it with them, which is often the plague of the imbalanced. For imbalanced, it’s like “you can run but you cant hide!!!” and can be very frustrating to say the least. At your pinnacle, you’ll be able to walk away without carrying it with you, you’ll be able to choose proactively which energies you feel like amplifying.

By exerting this control, you’ve also now mastered your highs and lows. You no longer fear your lows, so you no longer chase your highs. You’ll never escape the fact of your oscillation… which is to say for as high as you go, is as low as you go, BUT you’ll be increasing the overall median vibration of your state of being so that your highs are much higher (vibrationally) and therefore your lows end up feeling a lot more like ZEN time. I may have to write another article fully detailing with illustrations how the vibrational oscillations work in our state of being for this to make full sense.

Honing your gift

Again, grounding is essential. However, it is much harder for Amplifiers to stay grounded than it is for other archetypes. Grounding is almost unnatural for an Amplifier. It will take a seriously strict regimen of practice to maintain your grounding. You will likely find great ease of grounding while exercising and while in nature – or better yet, exercising IN nature. Be mindful, however, of your tendency to use exercise as a high. Listen to conscious channeled audios as you exercise in nature, that’ll help immensely. If you can, you might look into Qigong, giving yourself a structured approach to grounding, maybe a class you feel accountable to going to, might help you maintain your regimen.

Amplifiers have it the toughest in regards to honing their gift, in large part due to the depression. It can be quite challenging while in a downswing to keep up with your efforts in honing your gift. In those times, it does not feel like a gift at all, quite the opposite. You will be very prone to the darkness gaining advantage on you. The darkness feeds on your pain, and will latch on to any self-deprecating thought you have and milk it for all it’s worth. You will need to spend a lot of your time focused on total and pure acceptance. You should make an effort to understand the darkness and dare I say, integrate it. You should read this article on darkness and spend time contemplating it.

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Acceptance is a powerful tool to combat the darkness. You see, darkness can only trigger and milk things that you are not accepting of. For example, say you’ve become identified with a certain personality flaw. In your downswing, the darkness will agitate that insecurity and milk it while you suffer. If you are able to create true acceptance of your personality flaw, which is to first accept, then allow and finally embrace, then that particular insecurity will no longer be something the darkness can grab ahold of. One by one, you embrace your self-deprecations, or negative life situations and one by one you eliminate the things darkness can milk. This process raises your central state of being vibration which is vital to your pinnacle gift. Once your central vibration is of high enough frequency, your lows will not sink down into the depths of hell any longer… they’ll be at the frequency of OHM. This will make your highs like never before, you never knew it could be so good!

Relations with other archetypes

Amplifiers love everyone, but can form a real special bond with Transmuter. Transmuters are the perfect compliment to a budding Amplifier. Transmuters help ground the Amplifier and can transform any accidental negative amplifications into positives. No sweat, no problem honey, I got you, I know you don’t feel so hot right now, but don’t you worry about it, I’ve got your back, you’ll be right as rain before you know it, love ya babe.

Amplifiers might feel more attracted toward other Amplifiers or Channelers, because of their addictive personalities, they enjoy the fun and action they’ll bring to the table. Transmuters are more subdued by nature, might not be as much fun, but trust me, they are who you want to be coming home to!

The Transmuter

I actually used to call this one Nullifier. Called it nullifier for so many years that it still feels strange saying Transmuter. I also have tried on the word Transformer, but honestly, I think it’s my childhood of cartoon watching that’s making that one not feel right.😂 My wife, a nullifier, just recently suggested Transmuter, and I like it a lot, it works well! Transmuters I’ve worked with never really liked me calling them “nullifier” anyway… cracks me up, they felt like the other two archetypes had much better titles 🤣

So I went ahead with the transition, it honestly is more accurate when we are talking about the pinnacle. Transmuters are interesting because they actually have 3 clear phases of development:

  1. Sponge (aka Empath)
  2. Nullifier
  3. Transmuter

Imbalanced Traits

The Sponge is an ungrounded empath. They literally absorb any and all energy around them. They absorb it, and then for lack of having any recourse, they bury it. They bury and bury and bury and bury and then, every once in awhile THEY POP! Everybody be like “ddaaaaamn what’s wrong with Melissa yall? She ok? Never seen her that angry before!” 😂

If you know and love a Sponge, and have sufficient degree of consciousness activated, you’ll see their little explosions and think they are sooooo damn cute! It just makes ya giggle 😆

I’m not really a big fan of the commonly used word, “empath”. It’s really been used in so many different ways with so many trying to define it in various altruistic ways – I think its just become too convoluted for my needs. SPONGE works a lot better… an unpracticed or unrealized Transmuter. Sponges have a hard time differentiating between their own feelings and other people’s feelings. It can become so problematic that they just decide to stay home. They feel most comfortable around the one or two people they really know well, and ONLY them. That’s just due to how well they know them, it’s a lot easier to separate whose feelings are what.

Sponges are highly sensitive to the energies of those around them. They often think they know what everyone else is feeling/thinking, but will frequently find a frustrating inaccuracy. The inaccuracy is simply because without proper grounding, you get your lines crossed all too often. You can’t honestly tell the difference between your own insecurity and someone else’s judgmental gaze, but that empathic youtube guru keeps telling you that you can! So must be true! You might as well just be telepathic! What a superstar! 🤩

Pinnacle Traits

Again, we have to state the importance of grounding. Grounding for the sponge eliminates the burying, buildup, explosion cycle. You will find grounding comes very natural to you, as that is in fact your gift! Your ability to absorb energies around you, then ground them out is ESSENTIAL to ALL life in this reality. But at your Pinnacle you are capable of so much more than mere grounding.

Lets take a look at grounding a little to fully understand. When you absorb energy and ground it out, you are returning that energy to the ether, source, or even “Mother Earth”. Then from there other beings get to work on recycling that energy. When you ground out to Mother Earth, she is REALLLLLLY good at recycling energy, she loves it, no matter what type of energy you send, she makes great use of it! She also truly enjoys your conscious connection to her, there is great gratitude from her when you turn your attention to her and connect.

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The “recycling” of energy is really transmutation. It’s the ability to convert one form of energy into another. This is the very definition of the pinnacle trait. When you have reached a depth of grounding you will find that instead of just moving the energy off for someone else to handle, that you can directly convert that energy into something of your choosing in the moment!

Transmuters are ESSENTIAL in any mediation between arguing parties. In fact, Transmuters already know this, even if they are just a sponge, they will notice that people just happen to seek them out when they are having issues with another person or situation. They don’t really have any special advice to give, but just their presence helps defuse erratic energies enabling better communications and resolutions to form. If a Transmuter consciously converts erratic energies over to Love, they can passively create healing in others without them even knowing what happened. The healing might be short lived once they leave your presence as they may fall back into old karmic patterns, but the potential here is massive.

Combine a Transmuter and a Channeler in any tense negotiation and both sides will find resolution and feel good about the outcome every single time. The Channeler can perceive and articulate words that help each side understand the other better, while the Transmuter converts the erratic karmic energies into well-being that softens the perceptions of both parties. Transmuter is more a silent observer.

Honing your gift

Well first, I would advise that if you have picked up some belief systems around this “empath” notion that you might let some or all of it go. I’ve seen a lot of beliefs about this that do not lead toward the pinnacle. I can’t say what yours are, but use your inner guidance on this. Generally, always be open to changing and freeing your beliefs. Then consider what beliefs still serve you considering this new information. Remember, everything is true until it is not. That is to say, the same conscious truth exists at many different vibrational realities and can look very different from one vibration to the next. Each one helps those in that vibrational reality, but as we endeavor to raise our vibrations, there comes a time where older beliefs no longer apply quite so precisely.

Understand that while ungrounded, you can’t always make heads or tails of what energy you are absorbing, where it came from, what it really means, etc. It’s not your job to decipher the energy coming to you. You are not well suited for interpretation unless you have a healthy chunk of Channeler in you as well (which you might have, which can be cool!). Don’t waste your effort on trying to interpret, your gift is grounding and transmuting, put your focus there! You will always sense what kind of energy, just let your interpreting stop there, no need to figure out whose energy it is, what it means, what thoughts associate, etc. Endeavoring in this makes the energy yours… or rather… karmically links you to the energy. You do not want that. Be non-judgmental, allow, absorb, ground, and transmute!

I can’t stress the importance of my last statement enough. If it didn’t quite catch, reread it over and over again. Practicing non-judgment, practicing allowance is KEY to reach your pinnacle gift. You are by nature the impartial observer. And I must also be clear, we are talking about Transmuters where you are like 70-100% transmuter. If you are more a mix, then you have talents that crossover where you might do some absorbing + amplifying, or transmuting + translating/channeling.

There’s definitely a lot more I could write about the honing of your gift, because there’s so many scenarios of experience you’ll have. But for the sake of some degree of brevity, I’ll leave it here. Of course, if any questions about specific scenarios, feel free to ask!

Relations with other archetypes

Transmuters get along great with either, they are the most compatible. This is because they are natural grounders, and grounding, as you’ve noticed, is central and key to honing your gifts. Channelers and Transmuters, as stated previously, are essential for any highly charged dispute resolution. Paired with Amplifiers, obstacles are removed and Amplifiers fly high bringing their Transmuter along for the ride. Transmuters really enjoy the high-energy fun of Amplifiers, as a natural contrast to their own zen-like vibration.

In Summary

Please remember when reading that people are often a mixture of all three archetypes. You’ll be able to identify to what degree you are a particular archetype by observing your experience as imbalanced. How extreme is your imbalance, what traits do you exhibit in that extremity?

I would also note not to get TOO attached to the labels, but rather use the descriptive framework as a tool toward achieving more of what you want from life. Understanding your archetype makeup can be a very powerful tool for self-development because it gives your rational mind something tangible to work with. This also helps you to relieve yourself of any self-doubt, self-deprecations, or misunderstood diagnoses so that you may enable healing and growth.

An wonderous coinkydinky!

Screenshot from Psychology Today

While writing this article I discovered something very interesting. From this Psychology Today website, we have the DSM-5 list of 10 personality disorders, and interestingly enough, they are categorized into THREE clusters! 😜 Coincidentally, they line up EXACTLY!

Imbalanced Channeler = Cluster A

Imbalanced Amplifier = Cluster B

Imbalanced Transmuter = Cluster C

I’m absolutely stunned! Thats a perfect line up. If you have been “diagnosed” with any of these, it’s a strong hint that you are heavy in the corresponding archetype. Again I stress not to become identified by the “diagnosis” but rather your archetype. Understand how it works, and work on honing your gift! You are a blessed being with wonderful gifts to share with the world! 💜 🙏

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Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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