What are thoughts?

What are thoughts?

Have you ever contemplated the nature of these things we call thoughts?  What are they?  Where do they come from?

Most people go throughout their life never considering their relationship to their thoughts.  Yet an awareness of their true nature exists in our languages.  I have found many languages have a similar way of speaking about thoughts, and its quite interesting what it reveals.

In English, we say:

I had a thought.
The thought came to me.
The thought just hit me.

With just these 3 examples, we can begin to see that even unconsciously, in our language, we perceive our relationship to thoughts as a third party.  What if they were entirely third party? What if they existed independently apart from us?

Thoughts are energy beings in and of themselves.  They are frequencies.  They are vibrations.  They are non-physical entities that simply perform their function.  They know no time or space.  They can exist in all places simultaneously.  Every thought that could ever be already exists.

Once upon a time, you can consider, perhaps we humans had no thought. ¬†In many religious origin stories, there is a time where man was in ‘perfection’ and lived in perfect harmony. ¬†THEN, the “fall” of man takes place, as he “eats” of the “forbidden fruit” from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. ¬†What if at this time is when we discovered thoughts?

Thoughts are not words, they are energy. ¬†We translate the energy to form with words, emotions and actions. ¬†Perhaps originally the thoughts we experienced caused us to feel and act in ways we never did before. We developed a language because we wanted to be able to further share and describe these thoughts we were “having”!

So how does a thought come to us?

The same way an electron is pulled toward protons, electromagnetism. ¬†Resist the temptation to “humanize” thoughts as we tend to do to everything. They aren’t attacking you or choosing you. ¬†They have no choice. ¬†They are attracted to you as a direct result of your State of Being… your energy, your vibration. ¬†To understand this in an instant consider this scenario we are all aware of: ¬†The Snowball Effect.

You wake up on the “wrong side of the bed” and start your day off with a negative state. ¬†Thoughts come flooding to you and they’re all negative, complaining about this, hating that, remembering that person that you are so angry with, that time when this company did you wrong, bills are due, no money in account, life sucks, hate all this, just want to crawl back in bed and disappear. ¬†Right? ¬†You continue about your day and the negativity just mounts and grows and grows, and it seems like EVERYTHING in your day is proving to you just how sucky everything is. ¬†The more you give your attention to these negative thoughts, the more of them come, the more “powerful” they affect you, and we call that Snowballing.

The reason this happens is because your State of Being became resonant with the vibration that attracts thoughts of the same vibration.

What is a State of Being?

State of Being is a term I use a lot. ¬†It is the single most important factor of your existence. ¬†It is your core. ¬†It determines EVERYTHING you experience. ¬†Not only WHAT you experience, but HOW you experience it. ¬†State of Being quite simply is your energy, your vibration, your frequency. ¬†Here’s the beautiful part: ¬†We alter our State of Being with thoughts! ¬†Now we’re starting to see why these third party little buggers are so important!

How does a thought alter our State of Being?

Its really not the thought itself that causes the alteration. ¬†It’s actually through the most valuable currency you have, your Attention. ¬†I know, I know, throwing a lot out there at once… how can I call your Attention a currency? ¬†We’ll get to that later, just roll with me here.

Your attention is what empowers a thought. ¬†See, a thought is an extremely light form of energy. ¬†It has high frequencies and low frequencies, but its density is very very light. We give a thought greater density by turning our attention to it. ¬†Our attention feeds the thought energy which is ultimately what the thought seeks, but again, don’t humanize, think more the nature of things, they seek out energy and can only get it from things that are of their same resonant frequency. ¬†Resonance… there’s another important word.

Anyway, when you give your attention to a thought, you give it energy. When given enough Energy, the thought gains enough density to have ‘motion’. ¬†Interestingly enough in English we call this emotion or E-motion. ¬†Thought Energy in Motion. ¬†Now that we are FEELING the thought, it has become so much more real to us, and our State of Being is heavily altered to be resonant with that thought, and we start attracting MORE AND MORE thoughts of that same resonance, which again further alters our e-motion and thus our State of Being.

Why is our Attention our greatest currency?

For the reasons stated above really.  Its the ONLY currency we truly have!  Consider this impact in the real world for a moment.  You have these social media networks that pop up out of nowhere and get super popular.  Have you paid a dime to Instagram? Nope (well at least not yet).  How is it that Instagram can sell for a B-B-B-BILLION dollars? Attention.  Pure Attention.  Thats what the companies are buying.  Your Attention.  When you have the Attention of so many, the VALUE SKYROCKETS.  The most valued currency is our Attention! I wonder what the USD to ATN exchange rate is? hmm

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Look at news outlets, tv shows, movies, movie stars, politicians – ever heard the saying “Even bad publicity is good publicity” ? ¬†They are all vying for a slice of your attention. ¬†Your Attention determines their value. ¬†Starting to see the bigger picture now? ¬†Every single Leader the world has ever known would never have been a Leader or any one of any historical significance if they did not gain the Attention of the masses.

Now just ponder that one independently from anything else! ¬†That alone can be a major awakening. ¬†What is it you give your attention to? ¬†Do you control what you give your attention to? ¬†Yowsers. ¬†I should probably dedicate a blog post to this topic alone. ¬†I’ll just give you a coin phrase for now:

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Are your thoughts having you, or are you having your thoughts?

For the longest time, I have looked upon our world as very “automatic”. ¬†People are not really choosing anything, they are just acting out in a massive chain reaction. ¬†At first, many years ago, I was very annoyed by this and just wanted to leave this world to its own misery – but over time, and especially now, I have grown to understand this far more and appreciate it just as I appreciate all things in nature. ¬†It is nature, it is natural, it is the “Big Bang” playing out. ¬†I’ll have cover this topic in another blog post more deeply.

The point being is that the vast majority of all things, not just people, in the world are all just on autopilot: action reaction, causality loop. ¬†It has been said, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” ¬†This is what he meant. ¬†They REALLY know not what they do, they CAN’T help it! Action reaction.

Ultimately this means our thoughts are having us. ¬†Ever feel tortured by your thoughts? ¬†Ever feel just swept away by the the storm in your head? ¬†The whole world is struggling with psychological disorders… ever ponder that? ¬†I mean entire lives, even nations, WRECKED by THOUGHTS! ¬† Not a plane falling on your head, not a car crash, not anything physical, but MENTAL! ¬†ALL JUST NOISE IN THE HEAD! ¬†How can something so ephemeral wreck so many lives and cause so much societal dysfunction, so much pain? It really should be ASTOUNDING us!

How do we fix our State of Being to attract the thoughts we want?

If you are reading this, you are one of the growing many that are awakening. ¬†You have the capacity NOW to start choosing your thoughts. ¬†Just because a thought comes to you doesn’t mean you have to empower it (give it your attention). ¬†Out of an infinite pool of infinite thoughts, why do we think every single thought is so damn important? Its just habit really.

Choosing your thoughts is ultimately all you need. ¬†Choosing what you give your attention/energy to. ¬†This is what alters your State of Being, and your State of Being is what alters not only WHAT you experience but HOW you experience it. ¬†Did you catch that? ¬†This is all you need to ever know about “Law of Attraction” or “manifestation”! ¬†Become the Creator (or Tuner really) of your State of Being and you will find that flow in life you’ve always been looking for!

BUT HOW do we choose our thoughts?

This part can feel a bit tricky at first, but no more than riding a bike for the first time.  Takes practice, but you have to know what you are practicing right?  OK so let me write a scenario:

You see a car stopped in the road blocking traffic while the driver is texting someone.

This experience reminds you of the “agitated” energy that exists in your State of Being, so you pull that energy / e-motion (previously created) to the forefront.

Now that you are resonant with “agitation” you start having thoughts of agitation, each thought gets more and more agitated as it self-justifies.

You finally get up there enough to drive around the person blocking traffic and you give them the “evil dagger stare” as you drive by all pissed off that they could have the audacity to steal a minute from your driving time.

You continue down the road and now you run into MORE AND MORE asshole drivers doing dumb things that make you lose a few seconds on your way.  You wonder at how there can be so many horrible drivers and quite clearly you seem to be the only one that knows how to maneuver your vehicle.

You get home and continue to spew your stories of agitation because you just have to be sure to validate with everyone all these agitating thoughts, and they nod their head in agreement because they too have a resonant frequency in their State of Being, and the agreement reminds you that you love having that significant other who is just as annoyed as you are and agrees with you, and a more peaceful energy rises in your State of Being and you shift to thoughts of love and appreciation.

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OK РSo that illustrates how things normally work for us.  In this scenario, we exercised ZERO control over our own thoughts and were literally swept away by the thoughts that came to us as a result of our resonance in our State of Being.  So what COULD this look like?

You see a car stopped in the road blocking traffic. ¬†The experience reminds you of the “agitated energy” you have stored up, but, you pause, knowing that you do not enjoy the self-created experience of agitation and you think “How else could I perceive this event?”

You notice a bird on the side of the road hopping around trying to get at some scraps of food and you allow your mind to wander in that direction.  You think

aww how cute, isn’t that bird interesting, so nice to take a moment to enjoy nature. ¬†Oh wow, how nice that car there gave me a moment to enjoy this bird, that was very fortunate, I really appreciate that experience, “thank you man blocking traffic!”

And before you know it, you are around the traffic jam and you feel so much better than you did before the traffic jam, you are cruising and even though there’s so many cars on the road, somehow, someway, there’s always a space for you to change lanes, or make that turn, there’s always that really nice person that let you in – oh how nice it can be to drive!

Here in this scenario we chose another thought because we simply WANTED to. ¬†We recognized that we don’t enjoy the agitated state, so we did not give it our attention. ¬†When we turned our attention away from that, we found something else that uplifted our day and made everything much more flowing.

So what about the life-long self-torturous tough stuff?

Glad you asked! ūüėÜ ¬†Tune up, strap in, and get ready – here comes the beef!

Psychiatry doesn’t work because it doesn’t understand the basic fundamentals of what thoughts are (they are third-party) and how they relate to belief systems, emotions, and disease (some practitioners have adopted some of this). ¬†They also aren’t very incentivized to help you, because a cured patient is a loss of funding! ¬†That applies to the medical industry as well for “disease”, however, I digress.

The point being is that you really DON’T want to spend all this time FOCUSING YOUR ATTENTION on all the NOISE in your head that causes the pain in the first place! ¬†Like seriously?!? Think about that, you spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours giving so much of your attention and energy TO the actual thoughts/emotions CAUSING the damn problem to begin with?!? ¬†Is that not ASININE?

Of course, the concept is that if you look at it long and hard enough you’ll be able to “resolve” these “pains” and “heal” them. ¬†OH FUCKING BALONEY! ¬†Thoughts are thoughts they do not change. ¬†What changes are WHICH thoughts you have! ¬†You need to be giving your attention to the thoughts that you like, and remove your attention from the thoughts you don’t like! ¬†If that seems oversimplified, it is; keep reading.

There’s a caveat! ¬†The danger you run here is DENIAL. ¬†Denial is an EXTREMELY powerful form of attention, as odd as it sounds. ¬†Denial is like nuclear fusion power for the thought being denied. ¬†It festers and grows while you remain forcefully unaware of its detriment to your health and sanity.

Here’s where attention can be used in a beneficial way on negative thoughts: You simply MUST identify your negative thoughts. ¬†Some psychologists might help people do that, in fact, they likely define their work as being that. ¬†They might help you sort through the emotion to get at the core thoughts – in that way, it can be useful, but they often take it too far, or make things out to be too big, or worse, medicate you. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the use of psychologists, we might even need them to at least get us started, but the danger comes when we give all our power over to them – we think THEY are the ones helping us – THEY are the ones that will “heal” us. ¬†NOT true. ¬†Even if you find healing with their service, its YOU that made it happen, they were a TOOL. ¬†Nothing more, sometimes less.

For a person not familiar with maintenance of their own thoughts, the basic guidelines are:

Be aware of your feelings. ¬†When you feel agitated or angry or lonely or anything you don’t like, don’t judge the feeling. Understand its a force of nature that YOU created through the snowball effect mentioned previously. This helps you to detach a bit from the emotion.


Observe objectively.  This might seem like an oxymoron. How can you be objective about your own emotions? The answer to that is whats said above, UNDERSTAND what they ARE. Be acutely aware of WHAT THEY ARE. They are MERELY thoughts given enough attention/energy so that they became e-motions! Truly knowing this creates a natural distance for objectivity.


Ask yourself what thoughts are connected to this emotion. The thoughts will appear clearly when you have distanced yourself from the e-motion. Once you identify some of the thoughts associated, find the core thought!


The core thought will always be like a more simplified summary of all the other thoughts, the root so to speak. Don’t fuss too much in trying to be sure if its the root – just summarize the thoughts yourself. Maybe its a thought that says “I was victimized by my father and now I’m [insert self-deprecation here].” As hard as it may be to believe, its NOT what your parents did to you thats your problem, its the THOUGHT associated with it that you’ve empowered your whole life!


Find the opposing thought. Once you have the core thought, now consider: “What thoughts are the opposite of this that I would enjoy having?” Again, with enough distance from the e-motion (created by understanding the nature of the emotion), the thoughts will start coming to you that are the answer to your question. They simply must. There’s no question about it. Thoughts go where they are attracted, period. They have no choice. It may take some time/practice/effort to get into enough resonance to attract the thoughts, but you’ll get there and they’ll come!


Write it down.¬† Once you have the opposing or “better” thought – write it down. Here’s where all that talk about “power of positive affirmation” is made true, this is why it works! You now have a positive affirmation that is of different frequency than the negative one that you’ve been feeding for so long. This is what you “tune” yourself to. The thought carries the frequency that you are aspiring to become! With enough practice, you will become it!


It feels wrong!¬† Now here’s where it can get tricky.

Once you speak the affirmation (new thought) to yourself, you like it, you know it’s good, but somewhere deeper inside,¬†it feels wrong/false/like a lie!¬†DAMMIT! THATS NOT FAIR! ūüėÜ


Why does the new thought feel so wrong?

Its really quite simple. ¬†You are misreading the ‘feeling of wrong’ – the ACTUAL feeling you are having is “it feels non-resonant” or dissonant. ¬†Thats ultimately what we’ve always called “feels wrong” – its something that is not resonant. ¬†Well of course¬†its not resonant! ¬†You spent your whole life feeding thought that created such strong e-motion and your State of Being is resonant fully with that ill-thought! ¬†So YEA the new thought will feel ‘wrong’ but that doesn’t make it wrong! ¬†The only reason the other thought feels ‘right’ is because you are resonant with it. ¬†The new and healthier thought feels “wrong” only because it doesn’t match your current vibration. ¬†It actually has nothing to do with whats ‘right’ and ‘wrong’!!! ¬†CAN I GET AN “OH SHIT?!” ¬†“AHA”, right? ūüėÄ

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See we humans have become full of self-deprecating thoughts just because that has been our chain reaction throughout time. ¬†You might think some ill-thought about yourself like “I’m ugly” or “I’m fat” or “I’m not worthy” or “I’m stupid” and you’ve given enough attention (even through denial) to that thought that it’s BECOME a large part of your State of Being! ¬†So it “feels accurate” and saying “I’m super hot and intelligent” will feel wrong because you simply aren’t resonant with the frequencies of those thoughts yet! ¬†Your “thoughts” will say its wrong because “just look at you, of course you aren’t that” – and they will seem to FIGHT against your new thoughts, but stay your course!

Wow ok, this should be blowing your mind right now, if it’s not, then go back and re-read it until you crap yer pants.¬†


What does all this mean now?

It means that you can feel free to choose new thoughts and UNDERSTAND that “resistance” you feel when you repeat a thought that is not resonant with your current State of Being – IT’S EXPECTED! ¬†JUST KEEP PERSEVERING THE NEW THOUGHT! ¬†Eventually, as you give that new beautiful thought enough of your attention, it will turn to emotion, and that’s when you know it’s affected your State of Being.

Understand that thoughts are frequencies and they are attracted and repelled by other frequencies of resonance or dissonance respectively.  Your new thought is dissonant with the old painful thought, so as it grows in density, it literally shrinks the old one until eventually, its ab-so-lute-lay GONE!  And you now no longer have to work so hard at the new thought, its become you and your life has changed.

BOOM. Bomb dropped.  End of story.


Author: Darryl

Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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