What is the Darkness?

What is the Darkness?

The darkness… evil… fear… hate… horror… but what is it and where does it come from?

In a recent social media post, a person asked:

If God is Unconditional Love, then what is Darkness?

It’s a fair question, although its premise is inaccurate. Many try to say that Darkness is the absence of God, and that God is Light. I know thats what I was also told growing up. But it never really squared with me. I was told that God is Omnipotent, God is All, and yet there was something that was the absence of God? How can that be? If God is All, if God is omnipresent, then there cannot be the absence of God! Yet, thats how they explained Satan nonetheless; to me, it never rang true.

At one point in my spiritual self-discovery journey, I realized how ridiculous it was that we paid so very little attention to our dreams, even though it makes up 1/3 of our life! So I decided to change that for myself and began studying dreams, sleep cycles, and specifically, lucid dreaming. I created a practice where I would write on paper over and over that I would awaken in my dream and be fully aware that I am dreaming until I fell asleep. After a lot of practice, it started working! My dreams became something else entirely, where before they were just totally random chaos, now were very purposeful, educational, and in series! I would frequently get back to back, day by day dreams that were continuations of the previous night’s dreams, or like repeats but with newly discovered aspects. Part of my self-training was also REMEMBERING the dreams, which in large part is learning how to wake up slowly.

There are many stories I can tell about my dreams, but I want to focus on just ONE of the series of dreams I had, one of the MOST important series ever. The dream series started out as me being in some sort of hospital or school or industrial building and then a demonic monster would appear and begin chasing me. All night, I would run, all along the basement of the building, all the way up the stairs to the top floor, all across top floor and back down the other side… all night… running for my life… it was exhausting! I would awaken completely worn out and confused as to why this was happening.

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Sometimes the nightmares would include other people in it, like in the hospital, there’d be people lying on beds in the hallways and as I ran past them, the demon would rip them to shreds as he chased me down, leaving no one alive in his wake.

What became clear to me is the nature of the demon… of the darkness. It seemed to feed off my fear, could’ve caught me at any time, but didn’t, it had a purpose beyond just mutilating me.

After many of those nightmares, the dream evolved into a very different scenario. My brothers ex-wife was summoning Satan to kill me. I know, something funny about that right? Well there’s context, as his ex-wife was an abusive woman and I was often the mediator of the relationship. In any case, she would complete the ritual summoning, and off I’d go running from Satan himself. After a few of these, and the growing realization that the darkness had no intention of actually mutilating me, that it seemed to feed on my fear and thats all it wanted, it started to change my perspective of the demons.

Then one fateful night, as she was summoning Satan, I was not afraid. In fact, I was excited. I was exuberant! I was full of so much Love I could barely contain it. The ritual was complete, and from the fiery pentagram arose the biggest, baddest, meanest classic Satan figure! When he finished his grandiose entrance, I jumped forward, leaping high into the air and landed on him with the biggest bear hug ever imaginable! I squeeeeeeeeeeezed Satan with such Love and acceptance as he stood there dumbfounded. As I hopped down off his scaly skin grinning ear to ear, I saw clearly the confusion emanating from him. He stood for just a bit longer before deciding to retreat back into his pentagram.

The very next night was the FINAL dream in the series. I was floating in the void, at peace, then before me two eyes wreathed in a green flame appeared before me. Very large eyes floating in the darkness. The eyes narrowed as they stared me down. Instinctively, I knew I was looking directly into the eyes of evil, the eyes of darkness. I was awestruck by its beauty and perfection. I knew then that the darkness was a cosmic force, and was created to perform a very specific function, it knew only this function, like an equation, it performs its duty flawlessly and infinitely. There was no human-egoic aspect to it, no choice or free-will, it is merely a cosmic force that must do as it does. Kinda like gravity – it simply does what it does without prejudice.

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I came out of that series of dreams free from all fear. I no longer fear, I can no longer be overtaken with fear-based emotions. I now see the Darkness for what it truly is, and I appreciate and Love it for what it is.

So I thought I would share my response to that social media post, perhaps it can help others transcend their own fears…

Darkness is not the opposite of unconditional love but may be described as devoid of that love. Darkness is an aspect of God. It is a cosmic force that performs a very specific function that helps give birth to the limited reality we experience. Egos often humanize this force, but it is without choice, without will, it is simply what it is and it does simply what it does; and oh does it do it to perfection!

It is a wonderful and beautiful force of cosmic nature.

This perception is not easy to see for the dimensional reality we come from. The experience of that darkness made into our reality is capable of truly horrific things; things that our human/ego selves cannot square with. That is as it should be.

We are capable, however, of connecting to our higher dimensional selves where the veil that creates such separation is more transparent. In this place we can see the nature of these forces and their necessity.

“The Darkness” does not know unconditional Love. It is in fact repelled by it… I would even say confused by it. The repelling nature is an important feature, it is this that creates the motion.

So when many say darkness is the absence of God, they are wrong strictly speaking. When they say it is the absence of light/unconditional love, they are mostly correct. When they say that God IS unconditional love, they are not wrong but inaccurate. When they say unconditional love COMES from God/Source they are correct. As does the darkness come from Source.

Of course “coming from” is a perspective from our 3rd dimensional selves. These forces are aspects of God. These cosmic forces enable our life experiences.

Beyond the veil, when in oneness, there is absolute stillness – peace beyond imagining. But there is also no awareness of that existence. Just isness. Just being. No experience.

You can imagine why we created the veil 😝

In our shared human experience in the 3D we fear the darkness and chase the light. This produces a very unique experience. There are many more, infinite more, to be experienced. You may seek the transcendence of fear/darkness, and this can be achieved through the awareness of its true nature, which can be achieved through Love. This will result in another type of life experience, while still being behind the veil. Of course, because ANY experience is from behind the veil. There’s just varying densities of the veil 😉

Shorter answer:
Unconditional Love, like Darkness, are aspects of Source. Cosmic forces.

Author: Darryl

Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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