Ending the war between the Left and Right

Ending the war between the Left and Right

In today’s polarized world, we hear a lot of talk about the “far left”, “far right”, and not much at all anymore in the middle. It would even seem that the bar has moved so far to the left, that being slightly right of center makes you “far right” in todays political climate. In this article, I will be explaining BOTH SIDES of the story in ways BOTH SIDES can understand. The story is vast, so this is by no means comprehensive, instead I will be tackling the core issues. It is my hope, no matter which side you are on, reading this will help you understand the other, and with understanding, perhaps we can find our common ground again and create a better world together; as you have to know, that is the only way forward!

I am a man that grew up identifying as a liberal, but having more in common with libertarian than I ever knew. As the political median shifted, I found myself farther on the right than I ever thought possible. It would seem I’m not alone in this phenomenon, the #WalkAway movement has documented thousands of people telling their story about how they suddenly realized they just aren’t on the left anymore!

Honestly, I think all this focus on left vs right is just more of the same old ageless war… us vs them, light vs dark, good vs evil, etc. Its the polarity of our 3D reality that endlessly spins in this cycle, and as we resonate with it, we too spin with it. There are forces in this world that want us fighting each other, they use their powers in media, business, and government to influence us to extremes, to polarize us, the more we fight each other, the more power they gain. This might seem far fetched to many readers, but if you have an open mind, the FACTS speak volumes when you go looking for them. Whether you believe this or not, you have to at least agree, it does not serve humanity for us to war with each other. But I digress…

Where do I stand?

Let me start by just lining up my own ideology so you can determine if you want to read on. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, just whats relevant to this discussion:

  1. I believe in helping others; especially those so unfortunate that they can’t help themselves. In contrast, you got two arms, two legs? – get your ass to work!
  2. I believe NO ONE has the right to FORCE people to help others; doing so is energetically counter-productive and will NOT yield any positive result. It truly is self-defeating. I know this is a trigger point, but hear me out, you might agree by the end of this article.
  3. I used to be agnostic in my younger years, but now I believe in God, have studied many religions, and forged my own belief system from my many spiritual experiences.
  4. I believe Government sucks at its job; though I also believe that for our current state of humanity, it has its role to play. We will outgrow it. Our future collaborations will look very very different.
  5. I believe most humans (currently) are easily corrupted; therefore should never be put into positions of power without extreme degrees of transparency to prevent corruption. Public servants should have their entire lives exposed. Now the conservatives are going to disagree with me here, but just imagine, if public service required such transparency, don’t you think the jobs would attract an entirely different breed of people? Those inclined to crooked behavior would avoid such scrutiny. I would also note that I have a laundry list of other reforms I would make to vastly improve Government efficiency and align it with the will of the people as opposed to full of ACTORS making a show of representing the people.
  6. I believe in human rights, in human sovereignty. We are not the property for “Governments” to own and order about. My idea of human rights is likely quite different than what you think “human rights” means. I find it interesting people who fight for “human rights” have no problem taking liberty from others to give some ‘rights’ to whatever groups they feel deserving of it. To me, human rights is human sovereignty. No man has any right to tell me how to live, what to do, where to go, nor do they have any right to rob my earnings in the all too acceptable phrase, “Taxation”.
  7. I believe Socialism is right in heart, wrong in execution (and extremely dangerous)
  8. I believe Capitalism is wrong in heart (and therefore will be self-defeating), but right in execution (does need evolution which I propose later).
  9. I believe the real answer to the future of humanity lies in the PEOPLE – not our awkward concepts created by our legal papers that we call Government. Government will NEVER solve our world problems, the PEOPLE must take responsibility (take power), and SIMPLY DO what is the right thing.
  10. I do not believe the “right thing” is subjective. And here is where I’ll lose many of you. I believe in consciousness. And no, I don’t mean “I Think therefore I Am”. I refer to an awakening all humans are capable of. When it happens, when the seeds of consciousness are fed, and consciousness flourishes, our minds are one. This is where the common new age term “Namaste” comes from. It is an ancient recognition that when you are “conscious” and I am “conscious” we are One. It is true because Consciousness is a singular fabric flowing in and through all things. It is not “my consciousness” it is THE consciousness. When two are conscious to sufficient degree, they will ALWAYS come to the same conclusions, even if they see it differently, approach it differently, the result will be unified and not in opposition, but in harmony. It is due to this that I have great faith Humanity will one day be totally unified and balanced.

So now that you have a better understanding of my position on things, I’d like you to consider that I’m very much in the middle. I was born and raised Catholic, not wealthy, was mentally and physically abused by the nuns/teachers, spent my youth supporting equality at gay pride parades (90s), dropped my whole life and successful career to take a spiritual journey for several years, then turned around and rebuilt it all. I have a highly analytical mind, but I’m also deeply connected to my spiritual and emotional self. I truly am unoffendable, so trolls just beware, you’ll waste your effort. I am very open minded, but also very decisive in what I see. You can change my mind so long as you are open enough to discuss all my oppositions. Succeed in helping me see things I never considered, and there we are, mind changed. I am not rigid and I’m not out to prove anything, I don’t think I know everything. I simply want to live in a world full of happy, healthy, loving human beings.

So lets kick this off by doing a couple segments on understanding. First I will try to help conservatives understand the lefties, then we’ll try to help lefties understand the conservatives. Try to keep your mind open, and lets see if we can get to the heart of things!


I understand why the far left wants Socialism. The conservatives don’t pause long enough to grasp it; but if they did, they might find a little common ground. Within humanity is a desire to rise out of this dark age we are in. Yes, these are dark ages. Nobody living in dark ages identifies it as such; but rest assured, our future history will refer to these times as the darkest days of humanity.

There is a portion of humanity that feels (empaths) the pain of the world intensely and they yearn for an end to the elite domination, they yearn for human equality, human dignity, human acceptance, human love. They see its not good to have 98% of the world’s wealth in 2% of the world’s population. You will not win the argument of equality with them, because the REALITY IS that this world is far from balanced. Sure, you are right, equal opportunity exists in modern democratic society. The left can’t concede that point because they truly are feeling all the inequality. So instead you back them into a corner where they end up demanding equal OUTCOME, for lack of other options that can address the obvious dilemma our world faces. You count that as a win, because you know, equal outcome equals slavery. Freedom cannot exist with forced equal outcome. But don’t count your feathers yet, you missed the point, lets look deeper.

The true hearted lefties are genuinely concerned about all humanity and environment. There’s perhaps a portion that are simply angry and political, even some that simply have an agenda and find that side to be most fruitful to their goals. But the true hearted ones simply are tired of the toil of our civilization, tired of the masses of humans suffering, struggling so hard JUST TO SURVIVE! This is why they shout for open borders and defend illegal immigration. They FEEL the pain of the world and YEARN for a healing!

Conservatives, please listen. I know by now your left-brain (ironic isn’t it?) is popping off all the very valid statistics and facts that truly do prove socialism and open borders is NOT going to fix anything; and you are NOT wrong! But please understand your left brothers and sisters; they are the FEELERS of humanity while you are THINKERS! And its a constant frustration for them to always have to deal with all your facts and statistics, you know it, you see it, they just pop emotionally. You mockingly refer to it as “triggered”, and because they don’t speak your rational language, you dismiss them; and that is actually to your own detriment. The FEELERS are very important for this world, as are the THINKERS, but as soon as both sides dismiss the other, we fall to chaos and ruin. Don’t be so short-sighted. I know you aren’t as heartless as the left thinks you are, you are very kind, loving, and honorable people, slow your rational mind for a bit to find your common ground.

If you take anything from this, please try to understand that your other half is trying to tell you there is something seriously wrong about civilization today, you are the rational thinkers, its your job to figure out what it is and SOLVE IT. They are your emotional guidance system, try to look past their inability to rationalize with you, and instead look for the truth in what they FEEL.

You guys are the THINKERS, and naturally, you have a habit of finding some pattern that works (for you) and settling into it. Just rinse and repeat, small adjustments as needed, safe and sound. The FEELERS, the heart of humanity, are the ones that keep you on your toes, that make life interesting. Without their zest, things could get very boring and tedius for you. Two halves to one whole. Have more respect for the feelers. They are the empaths, they sense things that you will not. They might not be able to articulate it, which can be frustrating for you, but thats not their job, its yours. Pay attention to what they are feeling and use that as you analyze, organize, disseminate and orchestrate. I know this concept might seem very foreign, or even crazy to you, but try to see yourself less as an individual, and more as one part of a great human whole. We live and die together, there’s a rationality to it, find it, activate it.


First, please try to disarm your prejudgments built up over decades on conservatives. Also make your best effort not to get upset about anything being said here. Not all of it is applicable across the board, so some things may offer insight while other things you may disregard. Try to have the mind of a philosophy student, consider and contemplate whats being said. Don’t get hung up on one thing here or there and disregard it all. Try to feel your way through this; I am likely presenting concepts that you have a built-up negative charge toward, but just try to consider them anyway, see where it leads you. You don’t have to agree with everything I’m saying, as not all of it will be applicable to every reader, so try to let some things fly by, keep your mind open. I believe you have a very important role to play. We just got to get both sides in their proper places to find our homeostasis in humanity.

Progressives and Conservatives do have a common ground!

The truth is, the most common ground you have with conservatives is your desire for human rights! I know, sounds crazy, but as I said before, perhaps our definition of human rights needs assessed. You cannot apply human rights to some segments of people, while taking away human rights from other segments. It is counter productive, you will not achieve any balance with that. Your feelings are not wrong about all the victims in our world, but victimizing one segment of humanity to bring ‘justice’ to another segment is NOT exercising “human rights”.

Conservatives believe you have no right to take anything from them. Who are you to determine who should lose what and who should gain? I know you can feel the injustice the extreme wealthy have inflicted upon our world, and so you feel justified in knocking them down a few notches, but try to take a step back and consider, what if there is a better way? Do we really want more war? Yes, I said war. Because thats where this thinking leads. Look at history, evidence is clear. Force ends up in war. We cannot create balance with more imbalance. There IS a better way, I promise.

Also, try to understand, the “right” is not quite what you think it is. Do you realize the worlds largest corporations are all on the left? Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and pretty much all of silicon valley. The RICHEST masquerading as the left? If Google is so left, WHY IS IT NOT DOING MORE FOR THE WORLD? If Bezos is so left, WHY ISN’T HE MAKING A HUGE IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT AND HUMANITY? We have to disarm our emotions for a bit to see more clearly – something isn’t adding up. I know in these polarized times you appreciate their censorship of conservatives, but don’t let that blind you, these massive companies could make a seriously positive impact on the balance of our world, but what have you seen them do? What are their true motives?

The religious component

If you take the time to actually engage and look, you’ll find the right is made up mostly of just every day, good hearted, middle class people. Many of them will be religious, which I know, you may have judgements about. You feel religion has been a large fueler of homophobia, bigotry, even racism. You should consider it odd that you embrace Islam while rejecting Judaism and Christianity. At least be consistent! 🙂 The reason is that you perceive them as a minority, but did you know they are approx. 1.8 billion people strong and growing? You probably should read the bible, quran and and old testament before passing judgement in the least.

In any case, you are acutely aware of the darker aspects of humanity, you know our darkest historical moments, you know religion has been touted at the heart of many of those awful times… but just consider, for a moment, what would humanity be without religion? Try to consider that the darkest things you see are from an extreme minority CLAIMING to be religious. With Christianity, for example, billions of people over time have taken to heart the Love of Christ, which teaches above all to love thy neighbor. A true christian will always tell you “love the person, condemn the sin.” A very misguided christian will be homophobic and hate people. The religion, regardless of whatever you believe, has given countless people some truly benevolent guidelines for which to live by. Imagine the vast swarms of humanity through the dark ages without the ten commandments! Without any moral guidelines, do you really think humanity would’ve gotten this far? Religions have provided a very important aspect to humanity… FAITH. This has helped to keep us somewhat civil to each other over our evolutionary timeframe. Religions have been a vital element to humanity, you should be grateful for their existence.

Look, you very likely appreciate the arts, right? Why not revere modern day religion as a form of art. Faith art, expressed through humanity? There is a beauty to it. Sure dark deeds may spring forth, but those are less a religious issue and more a human issue. You don’t have to believe as they do, but can’t we respect their beliefs, EVEN IF they believe certain deeds or lifestyles are sin? Can’t this be respected? Let them believe and practice their faith as they will! They are not persecuting. Well in large part they aren’t. Extremists in some parts of the world persecute in the most evil of ways; that should never be respected. Human Rights / Sovereignty, right?

Myth: The right is made up of a bunch of money-grubbing greedy old white guys!

There’s a reason the right is often made up of lawyers, doctors, scientists and such. But its not the inequality reason you think. Its because they are the THINKERS of our world, you are the FEELERS. They will gravitate toward careers that maximize their intellect. The feelers gravitate toward careers that exercise their senses and emotions… art, dance, gender studies, etc. Both are equally important. No doctor will ever agree to eliminate art from our world, no artist would ever agree to eliminate doctors! Both sides know humanity benefits greatly from the other. Some of the most wealthy people are artists (actors/singers/painters/designers/etc), so lets try to let go of this perception, it doesn’t serve us in any positive way.

The thing is, you are NOT WRONG about how you feel, but often wrong in your assessment, conclusions and solutions. Its not your strongest suit to analyze and conclude, you are meant to FEEL. And what you feel is VITAL to humanity!

An example is that you rightfully feel the imbalance in our economy. You mistakingly label it as inequality. While inequality does exist in some places in the world, modern democratic societies are proven to have equal opportunity. I know you’ve heard this argument from conservatives before, and it frustrates you, because for all their facts and stats, you can still FEEL the imbalance. All these rich right-wingers all making so much more money, refusing to pay their “fair share”, and help those less fortunate! So your conclusion is to FORCE them, under the gun you hate so much, to pay what you feel is “just”. The problem with your thinking here is that:

a) you are violating their human rights

b) you are authorizing the gun-carrying law enforcement to enforce it

c) rich people have the means to LEAVE your country, moving their wealth into other countries that don’t try to steal it

Ultimately, this leaves you as a dwindling economy that will ultimately fall to ruin as the wealth leaves you and all the needy people with an inefficient government system that has over-promised social services it has no way of paying for. You can find this is true historically if you are inclined to actually research it. But its also just plain ole common sense.

There’s really so much more I can say here, but for the sake of some degree of brevity, I’ll end this segment with a reiteration:


Your common ground with Conservatives is Human Rights. Conservatives call it Human Sovereignty. You need to update your definition of Human Rights so that you do not victimize ANY human for ANY reason. Conservatives need to update their definition to understand a dog eat dog world is a sad self-defeating creation. Leftists agree to not impede upon your sovereignty if you can agree we really need to do more to improve our world, our environment, our economic balance, … our humanity.

To Conservatives

We are one people, we create this world together. THINKERS need to REALLY LISTEN to the FEELERS, as they provide invaluable insight into the true state of our world. They might not have all the right words to describe it, so its YOUR DUTY to analyze and understand it! Their core feelings are not wrong! Try to sift through the layers of irrationality, get to the heart of what they sense. Use that as your guidance as you legislate and expand upon the structure of civilization. They are telling you right now that there is an extreme imbalance in the world. You CAN SEE IT too. Don’t dismiss it just because you believe there is equal opportunity. Apply your intellect toward solving the imbalance! You KNOW a balanced world will be IMMENSELY more fruitful!

To Leftists

You are the heart of humanity. Without it, we would be a very very ugly civilization. You are the diversity of humanity, you bring the color, beauty and love to us. Do not let your hearts be poisoned with hatred and disgust. You must resist those dark feelings! For the love of humanity turned cold and dark is the end of humanity. I know that in these times, the injustice feelings are extremely potent. This is why you are so offended by so many things. Try to understand, your purpose with humanity is your light and your love. You know the value of acceptance, but let it not only be for minorities. Let your acceptance embrace ALL of humanity, even those “on the right” who just dont seem to “get it”. Get back to your nature, get back to love. The war path with the right will NOT end well for anyone; and we all know this world really cannot survive more wars. Resist the temptation to be offended, use your love to transcend that. I know you are frustrated, but you know very well the path to the world you seek lies with Love, not hate.


The feelers are attracted to socialism because it supports their desire for true balance in our world. Unfortunately, they may not realize, it is a powerful vehicle for slavery. Socialism, and its ugly cousin, Communism, removes the power from the people, trusting an easily corrupted “Government” to redistribute resources equally to the people. Its flawed because humans are flawed, we cannot trust a centralized Governing body with that kind of power – it ends in slavery and is extremely difficult to climb out of. You have to realize once the people are dependent on the government, it alters the fabric of the culture. It becomes extremely difficult to change our course once we realize it was a bad idea. Maybe people will be happy once everyone is equalized (except those Elite with privileges in Government of course), and no one has any rights anymore, we’re all just drones ordered by our masters, but hey, everyone equal right? This is stifling to humanity – there will be no reason to excel and go beyond the call of duty. Most of our greatest accomplishments are due to people going way beyond their call, excelling way beyond any others. If there is no benefit to this, we will see FAR LESS of it. That is dangerous. I don’t want to be a drone!

The thinkers love capitalism, because the core concept is “free trade”. It embodies their core belief in Human Sovereignty. It means if you excel, you can be rewarded more than if you just did status quo. I argue that we have yet to actually see true Capitalism in our world today, because the very existence of taxes destroy the notion of “free trade”. The problem with our Capitalism to date is that it is structured SOLELY upon the need to generate PROFIT. Profit is good, its what keeps the machine turning, the issue isn’t that profit is bad, its that Capitalism, as it is currently practiced, sacrifices all other concerns to maximize profit. In fact, as a publicly traded company, you are required to make profit maximizing decisions. You have shareholders who only care about ever increasing profits, thats the only reason they “bought in”. As such, under capitalism and the short-sighted pursuit of maximizing profits, we have done much damage to our environment and society. Pro-capitalists have to be honest here and concede this point when looking at the grand scale.


As with all things often times when we see such extreme divisions, the true pathways lie right down the middle. I’m going to go ahead and coin the phrase “Social Capitalism”. Has it already been coined? I have no idea, the phrase and notion came to me today after long business meetings. It’s very likely the concepts have already been identified, discussed, and promoted – but I’ve yet to really see effective implementation.

Social Capitalism is about a free market that makes socially responsible decisions. Its about a profit-seeking company realizing that the most fruit-bearing economy is a healthy one, so investing in your communities is vital to the company’s future. Its about our GOALS being aligned to creating a civilization without waste, without crime, without destitution, without illness… a civilization that is working toward solving the worlds greatest challenges so that we may thrive together as a species that explores the universe and expresses our creativity.

Do you really feel a life is worth living in pursuit of your own self-fulfilling wealth? Do you really feel you’ve lived a good life knowing you’ve made absolutely no positive contribution and the world is no better off than it was when you entered? Don’t you want to devote your life to the betterment of all life? How many more widgets, gadgets, trinkets, and toys do you need? When is enough enough?

Look, I’m NOT saying that we should all lower our quality of living and donate everything to everyone else in need. I do believe we should all endeavor to live a bountiful lifestyle. I’m not saying that we should force anyone to contribute socially either. If companies want to be purely profit centric, then let them be! Maybe as humanity evolves, maybe as MORE companies become socially responsible, we’ll find that its even MORE profitable to join the common goal! I would never force others toward this common goal. I would first presume they have their path to live and its valuable, even if I cannot see the value, I assume it is there; mostly because I assume I’m too small to see the bigger picture, how the hell can I tell?

NO force.

But come on now lefties, hear what I’m saying. Stop trying to force others to pay more taxes into government run programs that will always be very inefficient at providing their purpose. Why not leverage Capitalism as it is now, leverage your equal opportunity, dig in, get busy, BUILD BUSINESS, then funnel those profits into socially responsible non-profits that resonate with who you are!

I am a man that has lived on the streets. I chose it. I wanted to know it. I have lived with no money, no shelter, no food. I have eaten from dumpsters and walked thousands of miles getting shooed off from any small snippet of land I tried to simply sleep on. I did not beg. I made my way, and while I might’ve walked up and down mountains without food for days, I found my Faith that LIFE has a way of providing. There’s ALWAYS a way. The way is hidden from those who choose to be blinded by their victimhood and circumstance. The way appears to those who keep their head up, eyes open, and fearlessly engage the challenges before them.

I realized in my life journeys that my path to making a difference in this world was to create profitable business that can fuel my own nonprofit projects that make significant impact on humanity. With a singular willful decision, I went from dumpster diving hobo, to building business enterprise generating millions of dollars. And I’ve only just begun…

You don’t know me yet, but you will one day. I am well on my way, and dedicated to my cause. I tire of this old story we all keep playing. I envision a new world, a happy, healthy, loving and curious world. And I will expend my life in the pursuit of creating it… I know government will never do it… I know traditional capitalism will never do it… apparently all the billionaires aren’t going to do it… so to whatever end, to whatever degree of success I have, it will have been a life worth living.

Get off your ass — CREATE SOMETHING!
Our future is in our own hands, lets make it happen!


Author: Darryl

Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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