From a “God’s” Perspective

From a “God’s” Perspective

Last night, I dreamt of a God. Moreso… I dreamt from the God’s perspective… distinctly not myself, I was experiencing things from the God’s point of view.

As dreams often go, there was much going on that I experienced, but cannot place into a 3D construct to express. However, there were very distinct things that did fit, and it is those things I wanted to document.

First, there was an awareness of Earth.

Yes, Earth, not some other planet, it was Earth distinctly. There was an awareness of these under-water beings, mermaids if you will, but they were multidimensional and I also felt like I could call them “fairies”. They were the caretakers. They knew God, directly, and were charged by this God to take care of this planet until his return.

There were other beings living on this planet, many many of them. But distinctly too were the humanoid land-dwellers. They were considered 3D as the other life forms on the planet. These fairy mermen caretakers were “above” all other life on the planet, but “above” is not so accurate… they were evolved into multidimensional beings, and so therefore had direct interactions with their God and were given great responsibility of which they were fully capable of handling.

However… over the eons… the fairy sea-folk slowly let darkness seep into their beings. They became distressed, then angry, then down right evil in their malcontent. They grew to be vicious beings, with their spite directed at the humanoid land-dwellers whom would not listen and made their job of protecting Earth impossible.

The fairies knew their roots, knew their charge, their religion of sorts, but had fallen astray and detached from it all. They did not doubt their God’s existence, but grew callous in their waiting for him to return, they were not waiting anymore.

The God Returned.

Now my awareness was directly shifted as if I was the God, but I distinctly was not, it wasn’t me, but I was experiencing things from his perspective. The God knew himself as “a God” or in fact even “a lesser God”, there were no qualms about it, it knew it was “a God”, but also knew there was “The God” for which it lovingly worked under. I’m saying it, and he, because we’re not talking genders here, its beyond that, but for the sake of 3D language, I’ll likely just refer to it as him. And forgive me, I may also speak in first person as him and flip back and forth without warning.

He returned and stood before his fairy-folk, and was dismayed they did not know him. On a small bay where white sand beach met ocean in a curved inlet, he stood looking out to the ocean. They angrily spat about the sea like a pack of pirahnas looking for their next victim. How could they have become so lost I wondered, I was disappointed and slightly mad about it. I lept forward flying up into the air above them, I exploded in a massive display of light as the ocean surface flash frozen and the ground shook beneath them. They paused in shock, fear and awe and now knew their God had returned.

I lowered myself down into the water and as a torpedo shot myself down to the ocean floor. There I found a broken soil, tormented, dark twisted, diseased…. I was so distraught, I felt so much pain and sorrow, as a mother to her child who has died, I scooped the earth into my arms and screamed in agony and horror at what I had found. The earth shook ferociously, storms raged, lightning shattered, these things I did not cause, they were the result of my pain. I became acutely aware that God’s wrath was not a vengeance, was not intentful, but was the RESULT of God’s anguish.

The fairies gathered around me at a respectful distance, and with a concerned and apologetic manner. One caught my eye and with a nod urged me to travel in that direction and look over there. I did so and came upon the most majestic massive waterfall spilling its rich waters into a vast rainforest of teaming life and beauty. THIS is what my fairy-folk were to be the shepherds of! THIS IS WHAT I WAS TO RETURN TO! I exploded in glee, joy, satisfaction and love! I beamed up into the air above the waterfall overlooking the rich lands below and my body exploded in the richest light surging forth, beaming as a sun would over the lands, and feeding all life below with a love it had never known. I was proud and I was love.

Humans were not to blame!

Amidst this experience, like I said, I was experiencing these things from the God’s perspective. But also before the God’s return, I was experiencing things as a disembodied observer. Even as I FELT things from the God’s perspective, I also had an awareness as the observer. For example, as the God himself did not direct much attention to the land-dwelling humans, I was aware that he regarded them similar to the other animals on the planet. They were to be taken care of by the fairy-folk as all other life was to be. They were not to blame in the slightest. They were 3D (still). There was much more I experienced from the God’s perspective that is hard to put into words, feelings, knowings, realities…

I find this “dream” entirely intriguing because there is no “wrathful God” in my belief system. There is no concept of “a God” vs “The God” in my belief system. There was no concept of multidimensional caretakers of a planet enlisted by “a God” until his return. None of these concepts I experienced match any of my pre-existing belief systems; where did this come from?

God’s Wrath not as it seems!

In contemplating it afterward, I’m astounded that the “wrath” lesser beings often refer to is actually just the God’s pain expressed. No intention to cause harm or hurt, it simply happens as the God shutters in pain. I realize that this “God” is a being that very much refers to itself as “a God” and had the sense that its duty… or nature was to birth life to evolve as vessels for Souls. The Earth was HIS baby, and he felt great pain and sadness when it was hurt. The beings living on the Earth where all part of what it considered to be his baby. We humans tend to separate ourselves from Earth and nature, but in this God’s eyes, we were the same and he wanted us protected!

This God was not omnipotent, and he knew it and had no qualms about it. He was the creator, and for some reason he ‘goes away and returns’ to his creations. I did not get a sense of “where” he “goes away” to. Is Earth his only creation that he tends to? Does he have many others? Does he “go away” by incarnating into his creation and living as it for eons until he returns to his God form? Something about that notion really tugs at my imagination.

The caretakers

The caretakers was an interesting component to me. Beings that had evolved to higher states that have direct relationships with “the creator” enlisted to protect and serve as shepherds to the growing planet. Then even that they could possibly fall to darkness and corruption was surprising but somehow realistic to me. It makes me wonder if the caretakers are responsible for passing various religions on to humanity that reflect the truth that they know. Suddenly my catholic upbringing floods into my mind as well as my native american heritage and the Cherokee ancestral teachings! Could all of these things be true, AND at the same time my greater understanding of the All That Is, the great omnipotent God, and spiritual understandings also be true? This story would allow for ALL such to be true! And when that happens, it really perks my attention.

Biblical Correlations

The biblical God and how its written, I always took with such a big grain of salt. There is much of it I do take to heart, but I see the influence of man in the writings, and I don’t believe in an omnipotent God that has a vengeful wrath upon those who do not heed his biddings. It makes no sense to me. Omnipotence and human-like egotistical wrath? Sorry they don’t go together. BUT!!! BUT what if the biblical God refers to “the creator” from my dream? “A God” or even so, “THE GOD” of this planet? All the sudden so many of those biblical stories start making a LOT more sense! And when I experienced the “wrath” from the God’s perspective, it was not the “wrath” “lesser beings” would perceive! It was simply the result… action reaction! The God that I experienced was like a force of nature but more ethereal. He saw Earth as his baby, and Earth was ALL of it, from the depths to the surface to the creatures living on it. We are his children, and he loves us so deeply, as a mother does her babe.

I think about the Genesis creation story, and how “God” created this Earth in 7 days, I could never take it literal, and even the Church has been backing off some of its concepts and starting to talk about the Universe and life on other planets, but when I consider that perhaps this Earth has a Creator and it may be the God referenced by the bible, so many things start to become possible from those ancient teachings.

There’s a lot I’ve yet to fully unpack and understand about my dream experience, and I’m looking forward to it!

In any case, I wanted to write all this down, so that it helps solidify the memories within me, and perhaps offer reference later as I reread my meanderings. As with all things I experience, read, watch, and hear, they serve as ideas that expand my mind. I like to contemplate possibilities, it keeps my mind open which I feel is a vital component to the evolution of our species. Be mindful of rigid, unbending belief systems, they make for small uncomfortable and unfriendly boxes to live in! 😁 🙏


Father and Mother

As I meditated on this dream some more, I realized there was another component to the creation of Earth. He was partnered with Mother (Earth) in this creation. He was “a god”, but a more apt name for him would be Father. He is Father, and mother is the spirit of the Earth itself. Together, each with very distinct and necessary roles, they created Earth. A strong sense of “Father” and “Mother” come out of this, and as I meditate on that, I feel a much stronger and more instant connection to source than I have before.

What an interesting experience its all been! 😆

Author: Darryl

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