What does grounding do?

What does grounding do?

Lately it would seem my life experiences are culminating into a singular clear vision… a vision that both reveals what’s at the root of humanity’s discord and the path to our salvation from it. Thats a tall order I know… but as it tends to be with Universal truth, the revelations are quite simple. Grounding is a huge part of both our discord and our salvation from it.

In my decades of Reiki experience I learned the subtlety of setting myself/ego aside, connecting with the Divine, focusing a pure intention, and allowing raw energy to flow through me. What I discovered in the whole process was wonderfully demystifying… I discovered that Unconditional Love was both what opened the channel and what came through the channel.

Since starting a family of my own, the lessons of life has led me into an extreme deepening of my grounding. My depth of grounding is as such now that I truly feel I could carry the weight of the world, a degree of stillness and peace beyond what I thought possible with humanity. Of course, I have my own ebb and flow, so I’m not always feeling so deeply grounded, but the deeper grounding I discover the more consistently grounded I feel as my baseline.

My family looks to me during any conflict or ill-feelings, and I am very grateful to be that for them. I simply do not have the common reactions to family discord, and as such when wild energy comes flying in my presence, it has a way of going flat in short order. Once the negativities are cleared from the air, we can all quickly find our joy and peace again. My wife is more amazing than she’d ever admit to herself, the strength she has she does not yet see, but it lives through her amazing abilities as a loving mother and partner. Each one of my three kids fill me with such a fatherly pride I feel I could burst. So unique, each one, so beautiful, smart, compassionate, loving, kind and wise; they have all taught me much. I never anticipated having a family could offer such great spiritual evolution, it is a beautiful thing!

What is grounding?

I have always been a fairly grounded person, even since youngest of years, my parents can attest. But these last 7 years have shown me depths I only ever dreamed to exist. But what is it I really speak of? What is it to be grounded? What is grounding? What does it feel like?

Grounding is an awareness of the depth within you… within existence.

The typical mental imagery that forms when we think of grounding are roots growing down into the earth, which is indeed a powerful visualization for grounding. Mother Earth is the great Transformer, she gladly takes on all excess energies you wish to ground out to her, and transforms them into her expressions of beauty and grace. That being said, I have recently been describing grounding in a slightly different visual…

Imagine the ocean… no land in sight. The surface of the ocean can often be full of waves with currents to pull you this way and that. If you were floating atop this ocean, its a constant fight to keep your head above water, it is taxing, demanding, and chaotic experience at the surface of the ocean. Now… sink below the surface, just below you’ll notice already, things seem so much more calm. Sink deeper and you still see the waves of chaos, but they aren’t battering you anymore… sink deeper and the quiet and stillness permeate your being. You know the chaos of the waves still exist, but they have absolutely no effect on you anymore. The deeper you go, the more stillness and peace you feel. Don’t worry, this ocean is you, and the depths are you, and you can breathe perfectly well here. You aren’t abandoning the chaos of your surface, you know it is still there, but now your awareness is coming from your depths instead of skimming along your surface. You can now respond and direct your waves from a place of peace. It is a place where both stillness and turbulence become one, you see the bigger picture, you RESPOND instead of re-act. This is grounded. To be grounded is to be still… to be peace.

What does grounding feel like?

I sometimes help others to consciously ground, and I was asked: “How do I know if I am grounding? What does it feel like?” They aren’t sure because they feel something, but perhaps its not what they expect. Grounding is not joy, its not happiness, its not high energy, its not passion, its not the feeling of “flying high”; as one might expect.

The feeling of deep grounding can produce a sort of buzz in the head, a lightness of head, almost like floating. Overall it is a stillness. It is peace.

While grounding is not joy, it enables true joy. Joy, passion, light, these things come through the heart. The heart needs grounding to function in a way that people desire. Lets explore this concept a little.

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What does grounding actually do?

In recent prayer and meditation sessions, I have been shown what grounding does to beings such as humans, whom are made up of both the light and the dark, both ebb and flow, both desctruction and creation, entropy and order, space and matter.

Courtesy: https://1920x1080hdwallpapers.com/download/tentacle-formless-light/

Without grounding, the darkness within us is starved. It has an insatiable need to be fed, it is its nature you could say. Without grounding, the darkness rises up in us, as thick tentacles reaching upwards. These tentacles are how it feeds. They grab ahold of the threads dangling from the traumas of our life, and they tug on them, as if to milk them of their pain, fear and loathing. As they tug on our pains, we feel them, they wake up in our lives and affect how we feel, how we perceive, and how we act. This is draining, and as we become low on energy, we mimick this and reach out to those around us, yanking on their pains, in attempt to milk their energy through reactions of pain. As our darkness feeds on us, we feed on others, and the fight for limited energy ensues in our families, in our communities, in our societies, all around our world. A parasitic or vampiric existence of sorts.

If you can begin to see this, you can see the evidence of it. Remember, our physical reality is a reflection of our state of being. We can see how we have created a reality where “energy” is indeed limited. Where we feed on ancient stored energy (oil). We all dream of a world where there is unlimited clean renewable energy, but I say we will not find that until we have found it within ourselves, and we end the cycle of stealing energy from one another, turning it instead into giving freely energy to one another. When we realize this within ourselves, we will realize it outside ourselves, this is the very definition of our reality, it reflects us. I love the internet for this very reason, a reflection of our collective knowing that we are all connected. πŸ’œ

So if you can imagine, without grounding, our darkness reaches upward to milk our pains, our fears, our traumas, ad infinitum to our modern day discord. When you activate grounding, everything changes. You see, grounding is the home of the darkness. When you ground, to ever greater depths, your darkness sinks into… almost sucked into… that depth, but what surprised me, is that it actually WANTED IT! I would’ve thought the darkness would fight to stay out in the upper world creating chaos and sucking on our pains, but in this vision, I was surprised to see quite clearly that the darkness was attracted to that depth of grounding with such force that it immediately vacated in favor of the grounding. What I saw was a swift swirling of void tentacles as they retreated and sank into the depths… kinda like a toilet flush to be honest πŸ˜‚. What I saw after that also surprised me…

With the darkness in its proper place, the heart lit up like the most amazing beacon of light I ever saw. I remember having no real comparison except that the amount of light I saw pouring through was well beyond the power of any sun. This surprised me because in all my years of practicing energy, I never actually noticed the heart as the place from which all this God energy came through. But as the tentacles of darkness were rooted in their home, they had all that they needed, they no longer were starving, and it allowed for the heart to open and bring new Divine Light into this world. There was a notion in the vision that there is a parallel to how electricity works with positive/negative and grounding. I have yet to research that, but in the little I looked, what jumped out at me is the concept of ‘earth’ ground vs ‘floating’ ground, and how things flow between positive and negative. I also saw that our human world is mostly running off the divine energy brought forth by masters ages ago, and that while some does still yet enter our world anew, we are in dire need of a massive dose of source energy. Our lack of grounding has prevented this Light from pouring in.

Religion and faith role in grounding

The true believers of their faith do experience this grounding and can be greater sharers of this light. The grounding happens in many ways to many degrees depending on the depth of their faith. In Jesus’s case, he offered himself as the bearer of their sins, I see this as he offered to help them ground their darkness… that if they could not believe in themselves enough, they could always look to him to find their way to grounding their darkness.

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I’ve said for many years, a person without faith is a person lost. I, too, spent many years feeling that ‘lost’. I didn’t know what I was missing until as one thing led to another, I found my faith. I’m not here to define what your faith should be in, that is up to your path in life. What I am saying is that we humans are far too small… we see too little, our vision is too obscured, we cannot know what really is. We are born not knowing who we are, why we are, or what to do with what we become… we are babes unto the universe, innocently stumbling through this life experience.

Because we cannot KNOW so many things, we must have a faith that helps us to cope with the unknowns life consistently delivers. Without that faith, we are far more prone to depression, fear, anger, pain and suffering. The atheist would take offense at what I say, but I challenge them to see that their disbelief is in itself a belief. To say there is no God is a faith, as you cannot prove it. You choose to believe this, it has become your faith, and your life unfolds around this perception. Agnostics think they dodge this bullet by saying we cannot know, therefore will not invest themselves either way; but I challenge that this too is a belief. While at this phase in humanity, perhaps it is true “we” cannot know, but the individual can know. The mother of all things humans know is experience. When we experience things, especially repeatedly, they become things we know… undeniable truths. For example, those that have experienced many paranormal things will KNOW the paranormal. There’s no convincing them otherwise, they know, because they experienced. My last words on this topic is: “seek and ye shall find.”

How do we ground?

If you are highly spiritual or religious, you can practice your grounding by putting your attention on your faith. Remember, your attention is your greatest asset (read What Are Thoughts?) so what you give your attention to you empower in your life. Give as much attention as you can to your faith, refine your faith, seek to experience your faith manifest in your life experiences.

If you are not identifying with a particular Faith where the above paragraph makes sense to you, fear not, there are direct ways to practice grounding as well. These other ways are also great even for those of faith, use what works! 😁

Visualization is a powerful tool for many things including grounding. Visualization is powerful for the same reason defined previously, your attention is the most important asset you have (read What Are Thoughts?). When you visualize, you are simply finding some alone space, closing your eyes, and giving your attention to some visuals that represent your intention. Here are a couple visualizations you can try, see which one works best for you!

Earth Grounding

If you can, sit outside, barefoot, legs crossed and butt firmly planted to the earth. You can relax your posture, but you might find throughout the course of grounding, you’ll straighten up without effort. This can also work while sitting in your apartment, lying in your bed, or anywhere else really, but it can sometimes help the mind flow with the visualization to be as stated.

Close your eyes, focus on your breath. Feel the air passing through your nose into your lungs, feel it leaving your lungs, out your mouth. Repeat this until the thoughts of the day have calmed some. Turn now your attention to the base of your spine, which you can see as firmly planted to the earth. Feel the connected to the earth, see the earth and all her wonderous glory, she is not jsut the soil beneath you, but spans vastly thousands of miles around and into mind blowing depths, she is huge! She is alive. You are a child of Earth. Born of this earth, from this earth, living with this earth, you are natural as all other things are natural, you are Nature. From your spine, you see roots growing into the earth, down they shoot into the soil, deeper and deeper, wider and wider they spider out, they continue to grow beyond your garden, beyond, your neighborhood, and beyond even further. Watch your roots grow into the earth, feel them bringing great stability to you. As a tree blows in the wind, it is unmoved. Talk to Mother Earth, say hello, feel gratitude for her wonders. Tell Mother Earth you wish to have a closer relationship with her, you would like to feel her presence at all times. She is happy to hear this, she is so loving and welcoming of your presence, as a mother is to child returning home. Tell her about your burdens, the chaos energies you carry, the pains, and as you do, she offers you embrace, “Allow these energies to transfer to me, we are one, I can make use of these energies you do not want.” Feel the transference from your being through your roots, into mother earth – feel her gratitude in your sharing of these energies, she will put them to good use. Sit in these visions and allow them to flow as they unfold for you.

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Water Grounding

Find a quiet comfortable place, perhaps laying down in your bed. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, feeel the air tingling your nose as it goes in… feel the oxygen absorb in your lungs, feel the exhaletickle your lips on the way out. Take note, your midn is full of thoughts, many voices all speaking in different directions, thinking about what happened, or what is yet to come. We’re not trying to stop all these thoughts, we like them, even the annoying ones, they are good, they are you a part of you right now. Observe them, allow them. See yourself floating upon the surface of the ocean. Large swells carry you upward and back down again while smaller slaps of water smack and splash over you. These waves are your thoughts, they are your life circumstances, they are your joys and pains. Take a deep breath and sink below the surface. Exhale and find that you can breathe even easier just below the surface. Watch how the surface of dances above you, slapping around in all directions. Sink deeper, the light changes, its a bit darker, cooler, sink deeper; you feel the stillness, the quiet. Your thoughts are still there, you can see them in the distant surface flapping around, but they are distant, they are not grabbing your attention anymore, you feel at peace. Float in your depths, enjoy the stillness, extend your awareness to the ocean that is you. In many various parts of your ocean, storms rage, while yet in other parts, calm waters reign. You are the ocean, you are vast and flowing. Feel your depths, enjoy the peace, allow all that is.

Space Grounding

This image by artist Eva Lee entitled ‘Liminal Division 2’ shows the liminal space as the space between spaces, contextualised by the space around it, but devoid of matter or meaning.

This is an interesting form of grounding; it involves focusing your attention on the s p a c e between everything, specifically thoughts. Space is everywhere, and even scientifically, we argue that there’s far more space than there is matter. There is space inbetween your thoughts. If you can sense that, you can put your attention on the space between thoughts. Its a little like allowing your thoughts to flow to the peripheral of your mind, you know they are still there but you aren’t focused on them, you are looking at the space between them. The visual you conjure for this is up to you, but the practice itself is intensely powerful for bringing an immediate calm to any situation. Try going through a whole day while keeping your attention on the space inbetween, interesting things happen, if you aren’t bothered by people thinking you are acting weird πŸ˜‚

In conclusion

I feel grounding is one of the most important things we can do in our lives. Having a daily practice of grounding, making it as important as eating your meals, will have a profound impact on your life experience. Give your darkness its home and, overtime of practice, you’ll find that the tugging on your pains dissipates until gone completely. Once grounded, you will be able to discover self-love, which is more aptly described as a total self-acceptance of who you are from the core of your being to the quirks of your personality. This is the foundation of the life you’ve always said you wanted. It is not money and wealth – it is happiness, peace and joy. That is ultimately what we all seek, if even misconstrued as “having this or that”. Wealth is just one of many experiences we can play with should we choose. πŸ˜‰

Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, then everything will fall into place.”

Author: Darryl

Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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