Why does the World seem so divided?

Why does the World seem so divided?

One World, Two Paradigms

In 2012, something very rare, but cyclical happened. A new paradigm began merging with the old paradigm we have been living for many, many lifetimes. Some would refer to the new paradigm as the Light Paradigm and the old as the Dark Paradigm, but these distinctions, although technically accurate, are assigning a preferential bias that need not be. Remember, WE CHOSE the Dark Paradigm many times over when given the option, thats why we are here. Understanding why your spiritual being would choose that requires a deep connection with your higher self and the ability to set aside Egoic self so that you can hear things that Egoic self does not like to hear (rightfully).

In any case, I will refer to these paradigms as simply the old paradigm and the new.

What is a paradigm?

This is a word frequently used in ways that are similar to the definition I will provide, except that my definition here will be more absolute. To understand a paradigm you have to be aware of another concept, the Universal Equation.

The Universal Equation

The Universal Equation is literally as it sounds, it is the equation by which ALL THINGS in your universe are calculated. You understand action and reaction, well it’s this equation that determines the reaction to every action. All things in your universe are passed through this equation producing a massive unknowable chain reaction. It is the thing that determines mundane things like the “laws” of physics, or how “new” laws can be discovered, it is the thing that determines the result of any action you take, and it accounts not just for your action, but your entire state of being as you take that action, as well as the state of being of all in the universe when you take that action. Seriously vast, yet the equation itself would likely be short and elegant. Variable data goes in, and results come out. Predictable only to those with deep connections to their higher self that is connected to an intelligence that does understand the variables and equation.

This is why we have the concept of FATE and despite our romance with Free Will, we can’t shake the awareness that things are simply fated.

Fate is the result of the equation, but what then is Free Will? Glad you asked.

Free Will is Consciousness, but what then is Consciousness to the equation? Glad you asked.

Consciousness is the WILD CARD to the equation. The ONE thing that can change the predetermined outcome! This is how you evolve as a person, those times you break a recurring cycle in your life is when you make a NEW decision instead of re-acting the same way you always do.

You see… ALL things are a massive chain reaction calculated to perfection by this equation, which is also to say that all things are predetermined and outcomes are set in stone. There’s a reason we don’t like that idea despite it’s persistence, it’s because we are aware that there’s also a wild card. You see, when a person achieves a certain degree of consciousness, they are able to step out of the chain reaction with Choice/Free Will. If you are reading this, then you are likely one of those people that, at least sometimes, have true Free Will. You’ll see it when something annoying happens, but instead of your typical re-action to that annoyance, you pause, you breathe, you remember what really matters, you review the situation, and you CHOOSE a new path instead of the one that you had always previously taken.

Consciousness is Free Will, Free Will gives Choice, Choice changes the great chain reaction of the equation that calculates your universe. You see now? Many sleeping people think they have Free Will, and indeed they do, but they don’t realize they never exercise it. They simply re-act to everything in life, and their re-action is calculated based upon their influences and entire life experience (and previous lives), karma, etc. What they think is free will is just an automatic chain reaction. Consider this next time you are tempted to condemn another human being for their bad actions. Understand what Jesus meant when he said “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” He knew that these bad chain reactions led to more bad things, but used his Free Will to interject on their behalf, to change their equation results with his own Forgiveness. Beautiful.

You see if you blame one human for their actions, you have to blame their parents, if you blame their parents, you have to blame their grand parents, and the society around them, the blame stretches so far and wide that it quickly makes no sense to blame at all. They know not what they do. Ask yourself, do you blame the lion for killing the gazelle? You may not like it, but you see it as “nature”. Humans are nature too. And until we awaken, we are chain reactive fated creatures.

… Now What is a paradigm again?

Now, that we understand how the equation affects our universe, what then is the paradigm? The paradigm is the container for the equation. You can also call it a universe, or perhaps a reality. The Paradigm is the container, or the “computer” of the equation. There are many Paradigms, each ruled by different equations. You choose your paradigm as an immortal spiritual being, and upon that choice begin a long cycle of rebirth within that paradigm gaining all experience that paradigm has to offer.

When you have acquired all the experiences you wanted from that paradigm, you begin an “awakening” process. This awakening happens over many lifetimes. It prepares you for when a new paradigm collides with your chosen one, so that you may be awake enough to recognize and CHOOSE the new paradigm when it arrives.

How do you know it’s time for you to change paradigms?

Most who are ready, already know it’s time the very moment this question echos in their mind. Some others may be a little early on their awakening process so it may not be so clear to them. You will know that you are ready to move into a new paradigm because the world around you feels out of place. You may experience it as you yourself feel out of place, not fitting in to the world. This is most usually combined with feelings of love for others, not to be confused with despair and loneliness which are simply experiences to have in the old world. You may feel that while this world is “fine”, it is old, outdated, tired and just the same old story that you have grown weary of. It is likely you feel this way since as long as you can remember in this life. You yearn for a new experience, a new world, a new way of living; and can’t bring yourself to live the life everyone around you is living… it just seems so… pointless. Yes, you are ready to move on from this paradigm!

What is the Old Paradigm?

The Old Paradigm equation is best understood by some of our wisdom shared throughout the ages. Axioms like “dog eat dog”, “crab in a bucket”, “eye for an eye”, or “survival of the fittest” are little phrases that describe the old paradigm equation. We see the evidence of this in nature, reflected also in human society and world geopolitics. This equation produces a very particular kind of life experience, one filled with a lot of struggle and strife, one ruled by heroes and villains, and a pyramidal structure of the few ruling the many. Try as you might, you cannot escape this structure, you can skirt around the boundaries of it, can even imagine that it’s gone, but it’ll always and eventually make you aware it’s still there.

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The old paradigm is ruled by darkness. Don’t let that word trigger you. Darkness is not something to eliminate or destroy. Darkness is as much a part of you as Light, and is just as much required for any Universe to exist. See the article on Darkness to understand it more.

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It is simply that the old paradigm “has more” darkness in it than light. The balance is “off” – giving dark actions, entities etc much more “power” than light. Light will always have to work many times harder to achieve light results than dark. This is why you see truly good nonprofits struggle while ones corrupted by darkness grow to massive heights. This is why light healing requires such intense rituals and effort to produce even the smallest of result while black magic rolls out so easily. This is why those willing to perform dark acts rise to great wealth, fame and power in the world, and why it is so rare, if at all, you see one who walks in light at such “heights” in the world. In fact, this has become such the status quo that we often associate money and power with bad and darkness. We have that saying “money is the root of all evil” – which of course is a religious translation from ancient wisdom, but holds a degree of truth in all minds, religious or not. This is why those who seek power, fame and wealth above all else give in to the dark acts and rituals – for that is the easiest and fastest route to what they think they want.

You will even find the darkness in nature, not just in human society. Survival of the fittest is not very enlightened when you think about it, but thats exactly how nature functions. The light is also there, but it’s quite simply way less than the dark, and so we have the majority of the world suffering while the extreme minority live in great riches. This is how the equation calculates, and for the old paradigm, it will always be that way. The old paradigm is in a cycle of self-destruction and rebirth. It will always build itself up to a total cataclysmic event wiping the board with few survivors, who will then suffer and rebuild the whole experience. You can see evidence of this cycle happening in the distant past, and even now, as we approach yet another reboot of the old world paradigm.

OK, PLEASE thats depressing… enough with the Dark talk, whats the New Paradigm, is it any better????!!!

I know it’s hard to look at the reality of the old world paradigm, and to resign to the fact that it’s unchangeable in that it is ruled by darkness is extremely disheartening, to the point where you simply don’t want to believe it, or that would result in a loss of hope, the one thing that keeps you going.

I know this feeling too… you see, my entire life I have seen the world this way, it did result in a loss of hope, and I walked away from the world after 9/11 resigning to live out my days in solitude, maybe in some asian monastery somewhere. Long journey short, I decided it was not in my nature to walk away (give up), so I chose to create the world as I envision it, and I have spent every day of my life since toward that end.

But not without a nagging doubt at my core. This doubt kept whispering to me that my grandest visions were impossible, to which I merely persisted an answer, “well it’s a life worth living…” And that kept me going, but how hard is it to work toward a vision of a new world, deep down knowing you’ll never achieve it? How can my passion rise to the levels needed to inspire others with this sneaking doubt I could never shake?

The answer came, instantly clearing all doubt…

In my despair, as the pinnacle of my decades of effort approached, I stood beneath the stars, buck nekkid in the grass, atop a mountain overlooking a massive city below, pleading to the ascended masters my concreted doubt. I declared I did NOT want to do what I was about to do if it meant ANY harm would come to anyone. I declared that I sought elevation for all, or to hell with all of it, I would drop all I invested in for decades.

So I shared my doubt, which was rooted in the understanding that, quite simply, thats not how the World worked. When one gains, another loses, thats how the World worked, thats how the equation calculated. I had no desire to partake in that equation, and at that time, I only knew it as THE Universal Equation, and it was immutable to me.

I had no awareness of this concept of paradigms, so their response to me was truly awakening, to say I was stunned would be an extreme understatement – they rocked my world with this understanding, and then per usual with such communications, God backed it up with coincidences and synchronicities ever since the experience.

You see, this was vitally important to me. They confirmed my fears that it was not possible, they said the doubt was true… for the “old paradigm”. Then they explained that RIGHT NOW we have a very rare thing of dual paradigms. And that RIGHT NOW we are all making the choice between the paradigms. And that the NEW paradigm was ruled almost entirely by light, making way for creations, discoveries, inventions that have been bubbling beneath the surface of humanity, but impossible to realize in the old paradigm, the new will make them all POP into reality, and quite suddenly relatively speaking… as those whom have already chosen the New Paradigm have been working toward these new things for lifetimes, preparing for this transition.

🀯 Mind Blown!
What is the New Paradigm?

They said “elevation for all” was my path. They said in the New Paradigm, my creation will be absolutely necessary to usher in the new world economy, bridging the gap between the old world and the new. The new paradigm’s default mode of operation is nobody left behind, everyone wins, elevation for all!

😭 πŸ’œ πŸ™

The New Paradigm is actually described in ancient texts commonly referred to as “The Golden Age”, or the Thousand Year Reign, or the Ascension. From a limited linear perspective, we can understand why it was described as it was in these various texts. We can even relate those stories to this paradigm understanding and see the correlations. We can even see how some of the events described will be where the old world goes, while other events described is where the new world goes.

Simply put, the New Paradigm is a new universe experience, one governed by light, love and discovery; seamlessly transitioned from where we are today.

When will the merge of two paradigms end?

This is a question I wish I could answer, but I was only told when it began, 2012, when it ends, they wouldn’t answer; though I had a sense that it is relatively soon, like within the next 5-8 years. I felt as if asking “when” the merge ends was a rather unimportant question. Like the answer would not serve any positive purpose. The only thing that mattered was this is where we are now, and what are you gonna do with it.

What will the world look like in the New Paradigm?

This is quite a big topic, and this article is already long, perhaps I’ll do another article on what the New World is. I can say, it is a world without disease, without strife, without suffering; and I know for us, having lived so many lifetimes in the Old World, that is hard to imagine and believe. Understand that in the New World, what motivates us is completely different than what has always been. We will be motivated not by what we can get from the world, but by how we can contribute to the world.

How will things work?

  1. Free infinite non-damaging renewable energy? πŸ’―DONE!
  2. Robotics and AI that aren’t scary and happily perform all the jobs humanity needs for EVERYONE to have high-quality of living? πŸ’―DONE!
  3. Home, food, clothing, transportation and all these wonderful things that produce a quality of life? πŸ’―DONE!
  4. Quality education without ulterior motive, custom tailored to every child, delivered directly to them in a manner effective for their learning style? πŸ’―DONE!
  5. The choice to live as a surfer on the beach carefree of any obligations? πŸ’―DONE!
  6. The choice to join research teams in various fields to discover new ways to enhance quality of living and humanity’s understanding? πŸ’―DONE!
  7. and so much more!

Sure, sounds pretty far fetched to us living in this old paradigm for so long, but this is simply the way the new paradigm calculates… like we cannot NOT end up like this in that new paradigm. Remember life is a journey, and we’re all about the journey as spiritual beings, so it’s not going to be all SNAP here it all is. We will experience the transition from the old world structures to the new world structures. Free energy will be one of the FIRST things to be released. The laws of physics will be quickly redefined, opening up so many more avenues of advancement.

You have to understand, what will be important to us, what will drive us, is what changes at our core. In the old world, we are driven by survival and then by greed. Sure there are those of us awakening that have overcome the baser instincts of the paradigm, but we still live by those rules. We must survive, and therefore find ourselves interacting with the greed systems to do so.

In the New World, merely surviving is not enough, merely accumulating wealth and security is not of interest, we will want to TRULY LIVE! We will want to truly connect with ourselves, and then with all others. We will realize that we ARE all one being, all connected with quantum fibers sharing energy with one another. We will KNOW that we MUST elevate ALL for any true prosperity. Individualism will be expressed only through art, craft, ideas, stories, creativity.

The very concept of living just to accumulate one’s own “stuff” will seem totally weird… and the historical knowledge of how we used to live will be dumbfounding and seem like an impossible fantasy to our future generations. You see… what seems fantasy to people now, a future of loving undivided cooperation, will be simply what is, and the strangest most absurd concepts will be our historical record of a time where we organized ourselves into such chaos and maleficence. One day, such history will be regarded as myths, for to conceive there was ever such a time is… well… inconceivable!

So while we are in these times of transition…

Please remember, this is your time to choose. New Paradigm or Old Paradigm. If you are reading this, you already chose. Make the choice conscious. Make the choice powerful. Make the choice every day, every moment, with every action, take that action in your choice!

In times of great change, things can look pretty scary, not everything that happens will feel good, but have Faith, let that be your armor, and share that strength with the world.

Author: Darryl

Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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