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Israel and Iran: A Love Story

Why I still hope for humanity

You know, with all the psychotic things our governments do, its easy to lose faith in humanity. But a story like this one reminds me of one simple factor:  Our governments are not representative of our humanity.  Humanity lives at a much more humble level.  It lives in our personal lives, it lives person to person, and apparently has no place in politics or economy. It is hard to believe that any human would sign an order for billions of dollars to be spent on bombing another nation under the guise of national security, meanwhile profiteering on the resources gained through their military endeavors.

Then that begs to question, are they even human? I personally cannot see the potential in my self for making decisions to slaughter other humans just to gain economic domination. As if POWER and MONEY is all its cracked up to be… as if POWER and MONEY has ever made for a peaceful, loving beautiful life.  And what is the one thing all humans have in common?

Every human agrees that what we want most is love, peace and joy in our lives.

Some people haven’t defined it as such.  Some people would say they want ‘success’ or ‘money’ or ‘fame’ or ‘freedom’… but when you boil these things down, the result is love, peace and joy. Abundance is also something we desire, but I hesitate to add it here because if you have love, peace and joy – you are abundant!  But coming from an economical system that requires us to be enslaved just to make ends, its only natural we focus so much on money… however, in the end, money wouldn’t matter so long as you had love, peace and joy.

Now some humans have come to believe that there are other humans preventing us from achieving this. We subscribe to the idea that if we hate and destroy them, THEN we shall finally have love, peace and joy. Yea, because waging war has always created abundance for the common people, and killing others has always brought about peace and love. How we convince ourselves of such preposterous notions is a miracle in itself!  No seriously, we convince ourselves of the most ridiculous things, that ultimately produce very wild experiences, and thats really what life is for no?  Experiencing God/Universe/Life/Love/Abundance/Peace.  However there comes a time when we might decide that we are done with the typical self-deceptions that do NOT bring us what we all agree we want.  There comes a time when we “wake up” to our own deceptions and we begin making new decisions, and hopefully the ones that do ultimately bring to us what we say we want.

So here we see it ACTUALLY HAPPENING! One man decided to step out and say I LOVE YOU to his mortal enemies. He had enough consciousness to stop and ask himself WHY he must hate these other humans whom simply live under the rule of a different government? He did not find a good answer, and thus concluded the only natural thing:  I heart you, I will not bomb you.

The courage he had in putting his face on that message then sharing it with the world was massive. In a reality where you are born to hate another sect of humans, he said NO, I choose love! He was facing a potential backlash from not only friends and family, but from his own government as well! And yet he still stood up and stood out!

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AND GOD BLESS THE FOLLOWERS!!!  Those whom realized he was right, and had the courage enough to come out and say DAMN STRAIGHT ME TOO!!

THIS is what HUMANITY is all about!!!  Our potential for creativity, discovery and love is beyond measure!  If we would only pause the rat race long enough to reconsider all that we have chosen to believe…. if we would only realize that what we REALLY want out of life is never going to be achieved with the actions and beliefs so many of us have chosen…. if we would only be HUMANS, the caretakers of OUR planet Earth and let go of all concept of patriotic nonsense that only breeds more of what we don’t want… our reality would shift… dare I say our reality IS SHIFTING!

Let love be our guiding light, let us all just be humans on planet Earth, let us shed our borders and nationalities and exist for the sole purpose of creating peace, joy, love and ultimately abundance for all. Let the governments go play in their own sandbox, we don’t have to be their pawns, we are human and this is OUR planet, lets love it!

Author: Darryl

Imagine a reality without any limiting economy. Imagine a humanity whose only goal and focus is the experience and discovery of life. Imagine a reality where people no longer have the need for the domineering oppressors, the greed-bound haves and the struggling have-nots. It may seem far fetched, or even impossible, but we say such things until one daring soul reaches beyond and seizes the vision. My life is dedicated to the creation of this. To whatever degree I achieve, it is a life worth living.

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