Author: Darryl Prusak

I seek to live in a reality where the economy is your accomplishments on solving social / human / ecological / environmental / etc problems. I intend to experience humans collectively working together for the sheer purpose of making life for all creatures better, for the sheer purpose of self-exploration and greater universal understanding. A reality where people no longer have the need for domineering oppressors, greedy haves and the struggling have-nots. So be it, and so it is in the Highest Good. My life is dedicated to the creation of this, all the work I do is toward this goal. I believe all things in this reality are tools, and these tools can be used for better or worse, each one of us decides. I intend to use business and economy as my tools for re-aligning myself to the reality that I seek to experience. In my highest light, I am against no one, and I encourage all to live the reality they seek -- in this infinite multiverse, it is how things already are. Namaste.

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